• How Satan’s Scientology and Taekwondo can help a Church.

    August 9, 2011 3:21 pm 9 comments
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  • As a God fearing Christian and Pastor, it has been a challenge to keep members on the path of the righteous. The tactics of Scientology and Taekwondo and their ways to Satan can be just as helpful in leading a flock to the holy. God shows his appreciation to his disciples by making them rich. Even the average heathen can see this to be true if he just looks out his window. I ask you reader this; Does not the leader of a large church have a very nice car? Does that Pastor have an expensive watch? Are the close and dear friends of that Pastor not the wealthiest members of the Church? If a man leads a large flock, he doeth be rewarded by that flock. It is the duty of every non gay God lover to support the messengers of His message in that the message be holy and fruitful for him in the ways of monetary compensation. The evil path of Scientology and Taekwondo tells us that Satan has done his homework. Through these venues of evil Satan has taken the money of the lesser man, when that money should rightfully be put in the hands of God’s children.

    1. Does not God have ranks of Angels, so must we have ranks of Christians. In the Satanic worship of Chinese Liberal Taekwondo a student cannot make it to the next level without taking a test. This test always costs money to the disillusioned family. The Heathens of Taekwondo worship go through a minimum of 15 “promotions” in two years to become a “black” belt. The black belt signifies the evil in their heart and how complete it is. In that two year period the little Satanists will have donated almost 20,000 dollars to their church of sin. Why then can we not use this same practice to promote our most dedicated Christians through the ranks of the Church. I simply propose that we start everyone out with a “black” belt and through tests of purification we can slowly graduate them to the “white” belt of purity. These tests would be intensive and very costly, therefore the righteous can afford to drive Gods ultimate gift of acceptance in the form of a BMW.

    2. Isolation is acceptance in the eyes of God. Did the great and Holy Jesus not walk alone for 40 days and 40 nights? Scientologists are made to sign a legal waiver when being accepted in to their dens of whoredom. This waiver says that they can do whatever they want to you for as long as they wish and you cannot complain about it. A common tactic among these evil doers is to cage a person for weeks on end in order cause a complete and thorough decay of their soul. Once fully desanctified, they are then released back in to the public to go forth and work for the Whores of Scientology for free. A follower of the light and good should do the same for his Church. When work need be done, it should not cost a good Christian any money. I say to thee that if a nice house need be built, then the laborers and contractors that know how to build that house should be kept beneath the church and only released to do the work. The best way to do such a thing would be to bring some of the less fortunate and undocumented workers into your flock because they would be much easier to store beneath the Church. Keeping them there would also help in the long and laborious process of purifying their souls. If they are not able to provide money to the Church, it would be their duty to provide for the Church in the ways of labor and work to show their dedication to God.

    Through the tactics of Satan, we can bring the less fortunate to the ways of Christ. We can also bring the blessing of God’s money back in to the Church. God loves us more when we have nice things. There is not a single Televangelist, Mega-Church Preacher, or God Fearing Republican Politician than could prove otherwise.

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