• How Satan Uses Music To Enter Your Mind: What’d I Say, Parts 1 and 2 (A Case Study)

    August 4, 2011 11:11 am 17 comments
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  • After many of my readers and fans were shocked by the flagrant display of humanity’s worst aspects at Electric Daisy Carnival, many took time to send me emails and letters.  While the tears of shocked mothers even smeared some letters beyond recognition, one recurrent theme rang clarion within my spiritual ear and my heart:  a genuine, anxious concern to find out how exactly music is able to corrupt our children.

    Of all children in America, college students are the most gullable and impressionable.  Having to leave their minds an open, blank slate due to the liberal bent of the US education system, they are malleable and fickle.  They can be raised in the most moral households and after only two weeks of campus, be more disease-laden than a prostitute’s scratching post behind a back-alley pork diner.

    And while there are many things that can corrupt our college kids, we must always remember Satan was the chief minister of music before he was cast from heaven on grounds of vanity.  And to this day, to the sizzles and crackles of the spitfire and quualade induced ecstasy screams of his minions, Satan’s fingers always snaps as he cha-cha-chas to the thoughts of your children roasting in hell and being his little sizzling vixens.

    Today, a case study is in order.  While many of you are now understanding my concern and a call for a war on music, enough to let a council of moral ministers and clergy to be hired by FCC to monitor and help regulate MTV, VH1, Virgin Records, Atlantic Reports and so forth, there are parents and even naive high school children who were too stupid to realize that EDM music is Satanic.  They refused to believe that all the events at Hollywood’s Electric Daisy Festival took place, despite my staggeringly shocking and gut-wreching evidence to the contrary.  These people are delusional and in your gut you can feel the truth.  That is called gut-faith instinct.  If your gut is telling you I’m right on all of this, you are a step closer to eternal life in heaven and understanding the dangers of music.

    Today, my dear readers, a case study.  We will look into the life of a man blinded with sin, yet saw perfectly clear a path illucidated and set before him, by none other than Lucifer Morningstar himself.  Do not forget Satan is a bright demon who still shines brightly, and just like a moth to a bright flame, anyone who dares float to close to him shall burn and suffer in hell with weeping eyes and gnashing teeth in torment for all time, intestinal cavities being filled to the brim with hot coals marinated in torturous heats for all time by the wrath of the Almighty.

    Ray Charles:  What’d I Say Parts 1 and 2

    The site of sin is deafening. Intoxicated with the seductive spirits of Satan’s carnal release, a spent Ray Charles sits exhausted on a couch in touching contact with a woman who is not even his wife. Ray!, the indie BET MTV movie chronicle of Ray Charles’ life starring musician Usher as the title character detailed how these types of sessions often ended with an unholy canoodle.

    Ray Charles was a blind musician who played piano in inappropriate keys and used black-church music schemas to attract an audience. Such sacrilege offense to a traditional and proper English scale, built upon the harmonious nodes prescribed in King James’ book of Psalms, should have sent red flags to the moral leaders of the 1950s.

    While Georgia did try to ban Ray Charles, unfortunately the harvest of ripe minds was plentiful. For the first time in the history of America, a combination of technology and a sinful, rebellious youth would allow Satan to test his musical talents and marketing schemes in America.

    And that he did. Ray Charles’ odd sounding piano music, rife with demonic accidentals and spine-chillings flats in the diminished seventh must have made even God’s nose wrinkle with shimmy shock at how his music was being used. To fully understand just how powerful Satan’s music can be, we’ll look at What’d I Say.

    What’d I Say is a spontaneous song written by the hand of Satan into the coding mechanism of Ray Charles’ brain. How amazing is that? Satan can write sinful programming language right into your brain’s most delicate codons. Just as you can type upon your computer and install software, Satan can whisper BASIC SIN TEXT right into your subconscious. Ray Charles and his fans of the olden days stood no chance.

    Charles performed this song at a California night club, at what parents would soon discover he was holding a secret black’s only jazz raver orgy. In those days, they called these events Zoot Suit Riots. Shiny-suited black men, calling themselves ‘cat-daddies’ would prey upon college girls who came to attend, all in rebellion to their parents. College boys would show up as well, but often were poor enough to afford zoot-suits and were dually outed as not being true cat-daddies, but often instead called fry-guys.

    As Charles was performing his song “Caress Me Down, All The Way Down” and making a college girl do just this on stage, a big, angry mother reportedly stormed in and yelled “Show’s over!” As she dragged her daughter away, reminding her that 34% of women who listen to uncouth music have a higher chance of STD inflicted pregnancy, other college children followed as well. Satan’s spell was breaking. But then, with Satan’s master genetic work being downloaded right into his brain, Charles was able to see how to make his crowd disobey parents by one of the earliest documentations of Devil’s Music.


    ==> Shocking: Hear Ray Charles’ Sin-pants induction What’d I Say song in Parts 1 and 2. This song is one of the foremost examples of Satan causing college women to whet themselves in leg-clenching sin, all against the will of their parents.

    Hey mama, don’t you treat me wrong
    Come and love your daddy all night long
    (soliciting flesh contact with college women in the audience)
    All right now, hey hey, all right
    See the girl with the diamond ring
    (black men who are not living for Christ often target married women)
    She knows how to shake that thing (Ray Charles implies that thing (the married woman’s gluteal sin zone) is being shaken for him)
    All right now now now, hey hey, hey hey
    Tell your mama, tell your pa
    (encouraging teenage children to disobey their parents, a theme still present in modern day EDM, jazz and raver concerts)
    I’m gonna send you back to Arkansas (the next Zoot Suit Riot was in Arkansas and Ray is trying to convince all college children to attend In this verse, Satan could also be giving Ray Charles a prophesy of how another man of Arkansas named Bill Clinton would force college girls to puff upon non-Cuban flesh cigars)
    Oh yes, ma’m, you don’t do right, don’t do right
    Aw, play it boy
    When you see me in misery
    Come on baby, see about me
    Now yeah, all right, all right, aw play it, boy
    When you see me in misery
    Come on baby, see about me
    Now yeah, hey hey, all right
    See the girl with the red dress on
    (Ray Charles was blind, yet he could see a very sinful woman wearing a dress of Satanic colors)
    She can do the Birdland all night long (Birdland likely references a depraved act, interns still investigating)

    Yeah yeah, what’d I say, all right
    Well, tell me what’d I say, yeah
    Tell me what’d I say right now
    Tell me what’d I say
    Tell me what’d I say right now
    Tell me what’d I say
    Tell me what’d I say yeah

    And I wanna know
    Baby I wanna know right now
    And-a I wanna know
    And I wanna know right now yeah
    And-a I wanna know
    Said I wanna know yeah

    [Spoken:] Hey, don’t quit now! (c’mon honey)
    Naw, I got, I uh-uh-uh, I’m changing (stop! stop! we’ll do it again)
    Wait a minute, wait a minute, oh hold it! Hold it! Hold it!
    Hey (hey) ho (ho) hey (hey) ho (ho) hey (hey) ho (ho) hey

    The song then just descends into a moshing pit of orgies and chaos, with fair-skinned college girls mewing and clawing like a cat in heat, revealing themeselves so the nearest man to them can fully have his way and sooth the burning flames of rhthmic lust and thrusting passion until he is forced to extinguish it all with unholy liquid DNA. Just look at the pure college girl behind Ray Charles, gyrating and shaking like a dissheveled chicken with a meth addiction.

    Friends, music is meant to be pure and holy, yet we see how with just words and sounds Ray Charles caused all these kids to throw a 50s era mosher riot. Hopefully after seeing this pitiful, terrifying display, you can now understand why Electric Daisy Carnival and other events like it are dangerous. Ray Charles was limited by 50s technology: what’s to stop his autotuning, Audacity midi wielding counterparts of this day and age from mass-producing horrendous music that will torture our cultured ears while rotting the spiritual immortal souls and music taste of our children?

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