• Hurricane Irene Claims First Victim City!: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

    August 27, 2011 10:36 am 99 comments
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  • Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina – Citizens of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, flee from the wrath of God. Women, children and man, cry as flood waters destroy everything with watery fury.  These Stone Mason cult people discover that there is no place to run, no place to hide when God’s anger is riled and your city is marked. These terrified citizens cannot run from God’s wrath and this same horror shall soon meet New York

    Many of you hateful homo fleshmongers have sent me angry emails, trying to claim that as a Reverend I have no right to tell gays they are to blame for Hurricane Irene!

    I have used nothing but facts from our nation’s Bible to prove that you gays are truly horribly selfish bigots and will burn in hell.  I have repeatedly warned you that homosexuality is nothing but a bubbling sea of must and lust, a cauldron of sewer stench water and the only lifeguard on duty is Satan!  He laughs with delight while all you homos and homosupporters are dallying each other in the backside, sinking deeper into his murky sea of sin.  When you drown, don’t blame me.  I told you so!

    Then you foul people are trying to use this argument:  “If Hurricane Irene is striking New York for gay marriage, then why are states like North Carolina getting hit too?”  Fools!  Do you dare question the word of God!

    Let us look at the glory and power of this wrath.  Let us look at why you liberals have no business questioning my holy words!

    The first town to get struck down by Hurricane Irene is named Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina!

    North Carolina is a sinful state, where wealthy college boys who play lacrosse can be accused of evil crimes by female pickaninny and have it make national news!  North Carolina names their colleges in honor of Satan:  Duke Blue Devils.  Then, we see they have shrine towns of evil names like Kill Devil Hills.  What a great symbol for divine wrath to knock out!

    According to their website kdhnc.com, this sinful town has 7,500 citizens.  And God is striking his word into their hearts!  In 2012, these people must understand that that Obama is Nobama!  There must be no more Ask and Tell gays in the military!  The Federal Marriage Protection Act must be enforced in every state!  Rick Perry must become President Rick Perry who signs a law that says “No to Homo!” for every state.  We see what happens when a city is allowed to vote yes to gay marriage.  New York shall drown and flood in gay bathwater, a fate of diseases and backside death that’s not even a proper fate for a lowly sewer rat!

    Kill Devil Hills better rename themselves to Kill All Devils and Vote Out Gays, North Carolina or this will just be the tip of the iceberg.  No matter how small or sinful your town may be, God can see it!  You cannot have secret sins veiled away from the All-seeing Eye of the Almighty!

    Researching Kill Devil Hills, we see that this is a town immersed in Stone Mason cultism!  This town is one of the pillars of Satanic atheism in America!   They try to hide the secrets of this town behind the inspirational story of the Wright brothers, but we can easily see their ‘monument’ to aviation is a veiled Pentagram!

    So what do you have to say about that, liberalos?  Kill Devil Hill is the first town to get struck and you can see why.  Don’t try to make excuses for the gay.  They brought this Hurricane upon us and many other sinners will suffer too.  God is getting his two birds with one stone, but the stone thrown this time is a death hurricane!

    I cannot wait until judgement day and the gays say “Mercy!” and their cries fall upon deaf ears.


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