• Hurricane Irene Drives Giant Rats Inland – Mid-Atlantic Braces for Super-Sized Rat Stampede

    August 27, 2011 4:30 am 16 comments
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  • As hurricane Irene whales the eastern seaboard with her riding crop, thousands of large feral rats are expected to start leaving the cities and head inland. Believed to be a result of ‘pets’ released into the community, the rats have bred with Norway rats with the intent terrorize citizens in a post 9/11 NYC without the leadership of President Bush or a good mayor.

    While the average wild rat is approximately 10 inches long and weighs in at a pound and quarter, these buck toothed big bois can grow to 3 feet in length and 10-15 pounds. Referred to as ‘outsized’ rats, the gigantic rat is believed to be Gambian pouch rats due to examination of the ear shape. They have been seen ganging up on cats and hanging out with the smaller rats as paid muscle. Residents have been noticing them as a wildlife feature in the Macy government housing projects.

    One resident recently described a frantic scene in which rats began scrambling across the nearby playground: “Adults had to grab children and run because a lot of rats came on the playground. The kids were screaming.” – Black and Brown News

    These furry African immigrants pay no taxes or rent and are a responsible for cuts in extermination spending. When wild life counts are taken on rat populations, the appearance of a rat 10 times larger than all others tends to throw off a sample count. Estimates used to fund extermination programs become skewed where the larger rat is counted as one rather than ten. Counts for smaller rats are missed entirely due to awe and surprise.

    One who will not be counting rats is Housing Authority worker Jose Rivera, pictured minutes after he speared the humongous rodent with a pitchfork at the Marcy Houses. “I hit it one time and it was still moving. I hit it another time and that’s when it died. I’m not scared of rats but I was scared of being bitten.

    “They are a very social animal and live in big groups in the wild. Our Norway rats are the closest big rodents it could accompany,” – Dr. Paul Calle, director of zoological health at the Wildlife Conservation Society

    The super-sized rats are about the size of opossums, without being native to the North American ecosystem. They are nocturnal creatures with poor eyesight. They are an invasive species in Florida, where everyone seems to dump their exotic pets into the wild. Unfortunately, the mid Atlantic states are not home to alligators that can keep these populations down. The giant rats can carry deadly disease and have been awarded blame for a current outbreak of monkeypox in the United States. Monkeypox is appears similar to smallpox and ebola.

    As the winds of Irene continue to pound the East Coast, the rats are expected to migrate when feeding ground become endangered. This was the case with Katrina and should be expected after Irene. Adding insult to injury, the rats are expected to reach the Ohio capital city of Cincinnati sometime next week.


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