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    August 2, 2011 9:11 pm 6 comments
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  • As many of you may recall, several years ago I had a NSTEMI and nearly died from a heart attack. My family prayed and to this day I suffer from AFIB, but your prayers have made me stay strong in the Lord and faith. Many atheists denied my healing of the heart and I shut all their lie holes up by lifting a fridge by the power of God. It would take the power of at least 3 strong men to do that feat but my arms were strengthened by the Lord.

    Now today I want to talk to you about another miracle. One of my melanin drenched friends had been afflicted with sugar diabetes. I’m going to call her Jahmymah to protect identity but I guess during her childhood, her parents probably fed her too many sweet pies and greasy chickens. It’s what you would expect.

    Well, one day she tells me that she forgot to take her insulin and was out walking in these new Aetrex Shoes footwear. She began to have a dizzy spell and all she had on her was some unblessed water and oils. For you non-science types, let me learn you something about diabetes.

    Diabetes happens when your liver becomes so fatty it sucks all the sugar right out of your bloodstream. This is called pancreatitus. (Greek: pan = all, creati = creatine, or muscle us, swelling). All the muscles of the body then start to swell from sugar overload, causing jitters like you see in little ADHD children. The liver cannot ingest the, sugars, like it is supposed to and the muscles have to do it instead. In big people, the jitters are revealed as diabetic seizures and this is the biochemical mechanism behind diabetes.

    Now it may seem simple, but there is no cure. Scientists claim to be better than God but they have to disgustingly go track down a pig and wrassle him, then hog-tie him and steal pig-DNA from his liver spot and then make diabetics stick themselves with this dozens times per day. This is called recombinant insulin and it is really sad that so many meloncyte humans are forced to live like this.

    At any rate, Jamymah is walking in her new shoes and then she felt a tingle. These shoes were so good and light on her feet, she broke into a jog and was able to make it all home. It must have been at least 40 clicks and a block which is a long distance for a BBW. She then called them her miracle shoes because even though her sugar was low and she was in diabetic danger, she was able to float home on what felt like the wings of angels.

    I got myself a pair and they are very comfortable and apparently really good for circulation. I know many of you may feel down in life and I just wanted to share this testimony with you.

    The point of my testimony today is to learn you this. Even when it feels like you’ve done all you can do, sometimes all you have to do is stand. And then, with determination, you may just find yourself heading the right way, mounted on the wings of angels. Glory.

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