• Is Asking Alexandria Responsible for London 2011 Riots?

    August 15, 2011 3:23 am 185 comments
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  • Founded by the effiminate Asian from 90’s hit alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins, Asking Alexandria is a popular emosexual band whose purpose may be very sinister.

    Known for their uncanny choice of tight-fitted clothing and mop-shag hair stylings, the band Asking Alexandria has attracted many fans who are addicted to the occult.  Journey to the food court of your local mall and you will see countless herds of unruly teenagers walking around hand in hand, boys in tighter jeans than a Vegas showgirl, eye-makeup and blood-red lipstick smeared over the necks of one another — no matter the gender — as they commonly engage in neck-lusting sessions of blood and sniffed drugs between the tables at Chic-Filet and Johnny Rockets.

    These kids are the same volatile group that are addicted to JKR Rowling’s bloodbath series, Twilight.  And by no coincidence, when you hear the music produced by this band you can tell it is of Satan and celebrates vampire worship and LSD-ridden blood orgies.

    There is something to say about the band’s lead singer, Sam Bentley Yoshonobo, who was born in 1968 yet looks no older than 18 or 19 years of age.  While Asians are notoriously able to conceal their true age and gender from the untrained eye of a Westerner, this extreme of graceful ageing can only mean something dark and menacing is involved in their music.  Is Asking Alexandria yet another mind-altering music experience, whose lyrics actually gateway to the pits of hell?


    In the following song, A Moment of Sincerity, you can hear a human’s voice go from normal to possessed. Is this Satan whispering secret commands to his followers, the fans of this band?

    A Moment of Sincerity, Lyrics

    False tales lies of a washed up prom queen (Double meaning, Prom Queen means ‘gay’ and also refers to high-school children)
    Why’d you tell me everything was fine?
    Everything was okay?

    Can Satan write song lyrics, as seen in Asking Alexandria's A Moment of Sincerity Never forget that Satan was the minister of music in heavenGet on your knees (Propositioning all fans to perform in knee-bent acts of shame)
    Oh, why you tore me up?
    No, why everything’s dead inside (First evidence of this song being about vampire blood orgies, vampires are ‘dead inside’ in these people’s cult)
    Oh, you could’ve told me, at least I would’ve known
    No, you should’ve told me and carved it in my bones (Bone carving, a Twilight vampire cult ritual, entails carving the name of your first ‘suck’ on the scapula bone of your chest.  It is a very dangerous ceremony that infamously takes place at the most drug-heavy AA concerts.  Over 23% of Twilight fans report they have ‘bone carved’ and the number of Asking Alexandria fans is not surprisingly similar, at 25%.  The overlap is obvious.)

    Tear out my eyes to remove the gift of sight (This refers to not physical sight, but spiritual sight.  Satan’s voice is heard at this point, demanding the listener’s body to remove sight of God and morality from their spiritual hearts. )
    Proves ever cursing still, the
    light can’t find us here (Telling listerners to go to a secret, unholy place where the Light of God cannot shine on them.  In vampire movies, coffins are used as the unholy hiding place.  In modern times,the scale is more pronounced and grandiose, with massive orgy mosh pits and summoning chambers under the stage being where these ‘fans’ revel in the spirit of vampirism, away from the sight of God and their concerned parents.)

    Painted red my eyes are burning (Reports of AA fans having a Satanic red glow in their eyes after these concerts is very common.)
    And still you
    hide behind the waves

    Scream with the voice of a dead angel
    Lie in the name of the gospel
    Smile in
    the face of your victims, smile for me
    This is my last request to you
    my breath
    I was clutching on to disaster
    Hold my breath

    The final lyrics are in red because they are so terrifying.  Look at those words.  “Scream with the voice of a dead angel, lie in the name of the gospel”.  These lyrics are declaring a war on Christians and heaven.  Who do we know wants a war against holiness?  Satan.  Satan is writing the lyrics for this band and he’s got billions of fans in China alone.  It is important to remember that Satan was the chief musician of heaven, so he knows how to lure the ears of these naive children.

    Then it gets worse and you can tell vampirism is involved.  “Smile in the face of your victims, smile for me.”  This is telling these emo college kids to smile and laugh as they pin down the unbitten, draining their blood and infusing the puncture wounds with liquid marijuana droplets and acidic cocaine residues.

    Now at this point, most of you parents and visiting child psychologists are terrified.  How can children like music that’s so chilling and macabre?  What true effect does this spirited music have on the neurological processes of those addicted to it?

    All we have to do is look at the United Kingdom, where this band originates, and the violence that took place at the Van’s Summer Warped Tour.  While the Warped Tour usually comes with trouble, the scene was very volatile this year at every concert:  massive riots, fraternity boys being forcibly sodomized in moshing pits and vampire ceremony.  The latter two are not typical of the Warped Tour, but do tend to stem from UK’s raver culture.  Is this new British invasion inspiring all the new-age concert violence and drugs seen at Electric Daisy Carnival and the Warped Tour?

    While we will continue to investigate this premise, we can see the bands responsible for all the rioting in London are not taking responsiblilty.  Children’s music new site Noisecreep had a chance to catch up with Asking Alexandria’s lead singer to see what he had to say about the London riots:

    Noisecreep spoke with Asking Alexandria lead singer Danny Worsnop at the Carson, Calif. stop for his thoughts on the brutal riots taking place in London and throughout the UK.

    “The human beings who are doing all the rioting, on the whole are sh–. Pure sh–. They’re supposedly getting worked up about a guy that got shot and it makes no sense whatsoever. I think they just wanted something to go crazy about. These types just look for any excuse to bleed the world for everything it has. It’s a joke. This one thing goes wrong and then it’s instant chaos. I seriously can’t believe it on the one hand. But then, when I look at it, it sort of makes total sense. There’s a lot of bad stuff that’s brewed over there for a long time.”

    Worsnop only found out about the riots after he heard other bands talking about them. “On a tour like this, where you’re moving around a lot, things truly become a blur. I could be in Hawaii right now and not even know it. We’re some of the only English people here and I think were literally the last to know anything was going on over there. We’re in this bubble most of the time.”

    The most horrifying aspect of the rising Vampire Culture in our modern society is their denial of responsibility. When we sent blistering letters to Rowling, demanding that he take responsibility for Twilight causing school children to bite each other and become obsessed with Satan worship, he recanted and maintained that his ‘work has nothing to do what you’re on about’. What sort of sick people are we dealing with?

    The lyrics above naturally encourage rebellion and dementia. Listening to hours of this music per day is no different than being caught in a Ho Chi Minh war camp, forced to hear screeching, horrible mind-altering sounds that will get you blabbering nuclear secrets to the enemy. But this to, Charlie is wearing fangs and goes by the name Satan. And his lyrics are hand in hand with these emosexual bands, bringing children into the dark age of Twilight music.

    Asking Alexandria is a vampire celebration band you must keep away from the ears of your children.

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