• Is Yoga and Tantric Sex Safe for Christians?

    August 16, 2011 9:03 pm 53 comments
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  • For many Christians, the study of the scriptures inevitably leads to a focus on the body as a temple for God’s word. A beautiful human body in motion or a rest can be visually uplifting or even incite prayer and belief in God’s grace. The body truly is a stunning reminder of the gift of life. Our care of the corporal temple throughout our lives carries over into our spiritual life now and in the hereafter. As such, the care and attention we place on our physical appearance and health is part and parcel of Christian life.

    Some Christians have turned to the practice of Yoga for physical health, flexibility and well being. The practice of asana, or positioning the body in various ways, initially seems to fit well with hours of thoughtful prayer and spirit / body awareness, but a deeper understanding of this exercise form reveals a much more ominous thesis at work. The scriptural validity and basis of Christian yoga programs are a concern for many theologians.

    “Whatever trend happens to be in vogue at a particular moment, Christians readily respond with a “Jesus approved” version. When dieting became the rage, Christian dieting shortly followed. As yoga gained popularity, Christian yoga started up.” – Matthew Lee Anderson

    The concern for the piecemeal treatment of an unchanging Creator is legitimate. Many pastors and laymen see and feel the effect of yoga’s influence on the body and mind of wives and female parishioners. The visual ‘goodness’ of yoga might seem evidenced by observation. Unfortunately, yoga can rip the soul from the corporal body and fuel the demons of hell. Perhaps some will find this statement a bit overly emphasized, but the danger becomes clear with closer study.

    2 Corinthians 6:14-18: Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial?

    What is Yoga?

    Yoga literally means to ‘yoke’. Much like the egg has a yolk that nourishes the baby before it can dock and begin leaching sustenance from the Mother’s womb; the soul is our yoke until we are one with the heavenly Feather. An insufficient or damaged yolk means spoilage and corruption. Yoga practice tries to defile the soul and stretch or detach it from the body temple before it can be one with the Creator.

    Integral yoga is an approach to life that seeks to unite all the aspects of our living, e.g. our inner, spiritual life and our relations with others. It is inconsistent with the Christian view where fellowship, praise and thanks, rather than an exercise program, fulfills the role of unifying paste between the biological and metaphysical. The mental and physical exercises of yoga soften and stretch the body and soul leaving it succulent.

    Yoga initially began in ancient India as a way to tenderize barbeque. It is still used by Japanese monks for Kobe beef. It quickly became a religious practice for Buddhists and Hindi as a way of uniting the body and spirit and promoting vegetarianism. Many of the diagrams for the chakra or points of light for the soul use diagrams similar to those used for the butchering of meat from vegetarian animals. This should set off alarms of concern for most Christians considering adding these stretching exercises to their workouts. For those still curious and bent on trying this form, study of the asanas or positions may help avoid the mistake of yoga.

    Yoga Positions or Asanas

    The basic position or asana is the sitting or lotus position. While the asana mirrors many of the Christian prayer rituals, differences are important to note. The lotus position, like Sunday service or weddings, comes with a requirement of sitting for a least an hour. In the introductory stage of yoga practice, the palms are touching in front of the body much like a prayerful pose. As a yoga practitioner is indoctrinated and becomes morally corrupted, the prayer is reversed with the hands in back. While this feels wonderful as the muscles and ligaments are stretched, the pleasure comes from the release of stress toxins in the shoulders and back which flavor the soul for deep fried demonic banquets. Demons commonly will view portraits of the reverse prayer pose and lick their lips in anticipation of the usurped spiced flesh.

    Many of the asanas are loosely based on animal poses. The posturing as an animal defiles the synapses of the thinking Christian into believing bestial imitation is pleasing. Muscles relax and flex under the skin, sending tendrils of electric impulses to the brain that signal open congress with spirit beings waiting with condiments and croutons. The pull of gravity while performing these poses draws the life blood from aching joints while the souls of the bare feet are evenly compressed. It is a depravity of gravity that feels pleasing to the body whilst degrading the soul with filthy ideas like oneness of being.

    While all asanas are meant to spoil the soul and drain cellular waste, no other is more adept for spiritual malfeasance than the ‘downward dog with leg on head overseeing pigeon dismounting warrior’ pose. This pose is very successful with older ladies suffering from occasional incontinence. Some so called Christian yoga practitioners will refer to this as the ‘Samaritan at the well’ or ‘teapot for Jesus’ pose, but clearly the position is rooted in the greeting of man’s best friend. While many Christians will try and incorporate these foreign ideas and religions into Christianity, the result is always a foray into the abyss of sin and spoil. The infectious pus of yoga is a contagion that spreads within relationships as well.

    Couples that practice yoga can be gently prodded into entering a world of tantric love making. These types of positions and vigor will sprain the back and cause injury if the body is not lithe and loose from daily practice. This is the allure and glamour of yoga. Sutra, or instruction, is given for odd and tantalizing sexual explorations. For the Christian married couple this hiking trip is destined to end with tears, blame and pain unless the soul is given up for demonic possession.

    What is Tantric Yoga Sex?

    Tantric yoga sexual practice includes copulation while on drugs produced by the body. These drugs are generated when orgasm is extended with breathing and position techniques that are unnatural and costly. Some men have promised to purchase homes and new automobiles for women versed in the tantric practice. Others forego attending Sunday school and instead drop off the children and rush back to an hour of musk scented ‘practice’ on the stairs or kitchen floor. Instead of a 5 minute well-paced romp, love making becomes a stare down of huffing, puffing and steadily building climax that oozes from pores like electric blue sin. After extended multiple orgasms lasting 20 minutes or more the body reacts by numbing the brain of logical functions with gland produced drugs. This is highly irregular and suspect.

    “In tantric sex, the brain chemistry is affected by empowering the endocrine glands for more hGH, serotonin, DHEA, and testosterone. Scientific and medical studies prove that sexual health improves drastically… stimulating blood circulation, detoxifying the body through the breath, strengthening the cardiovascular, endocrine/immune and nervous functions, leading to improved sexual health, rejuvenation and longevity.”

    While this all sounds well and good, the normal person is not prepared for the soul ripping price of extended sexual gratification. Leg cramps and neck spasms make walking difficult and labored afterwards. The body and mind feel veiled and ruined. Concentration becomes blurred as ghost ripples and flutters across the belly cause one to gasp and stare blankly while having a conversation with elderly parents on the telephone. The thought train leaves the station without passengers. A long off engine vibrates a gentle “om” on the sun -bronzed tracks of memory that make a person stare off into the distance or even experience visions and hallucinations.

    What the Heck is ‘Om’?

    In some Tesla inspired fantasy world of yoga, the vibration of creation is replicated by the tonal repetition of ‘Om’. This is probably the most troubling for Christian scholars to rationalize because it is anti-Christian. While yoga practice does not specifically instruct this, the sound is equivalent to a dinner bell for Satan’s hounds. During my investigations into the darkness of yoga, I personally fell asleep in the corpse pose and began making a vibrating sound. Although the sound I made was interpreted as the sound of controversy rather than creation.

    The everyday housewife taking a so called Christian Yoga practice is no less vulnerable than the Namaste Nancy. The stretching and pulling of the soul combined with the siren hymn ‘om’ of come hither ye demons leads to the complete and utter destruction of the spirit. Demons drag the corrupted yoga soul, loosed from the body, and fry them in putrid vats of boiling fat. Covens of demons can be seen soon after yoga classes, sitting in the parking lot devouring the thin shavings like salted chips seasoned with vinegar.

    Yoga is not recommended for Christians. The impact on the physical health is evident in the form of bodily produced drug and sexual addiction, unnatural flexibility, and irregular gait from tantric sex. This alone should be enough to detract many from the spiritual hazards of detached souls and an afterlife of eternal condemnation.


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