• Jesus Was Black: 10 Reasons to Prove It

    August 16, 2011 12:18 am 67 comments
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  • If you’re like me you’re just a visitor here to christwire. Sure it is entertaining. Creative articles to save our souls, free exchange of ideas, all that stuff. But if your like me…YOU DON’T LIKE ALL THIS RACISM! I am tired of a bunch of crackers telling me all about their pasty white God and his son, I don’t like those little snarkie comments either. It ain’t no sin to be black? I can agree that being gay is a sin, and no one likes these emo kids, But being black? I don’t think so cause Jesus was black.


    You can’t see it but you KNOW that baby Jesus is hung.


    1) Jesus was a Jew and lived in the middle east, you think he was a pasty faced cracker? Hells no. I mean the brother liked hanging out with Ho’s! Ain’t no white boy hanging out with ho’s.

    2) Jesus’ momma was a knocked up teen. Plus she was a single mom until she remarried.

    3) Jesus didn’t know his daddy. Yahweh (now that is African if I ever heard it) “hit it and forget it” for like 3 decades. God ain’t even talked to the boy until he was 30. Sure he dropped in to give some gifts, But God was somewhere else.

    4) Jesus liked watermelon, grits, red beans and rice, fried chicken and grape drink. Now I can’t prove that… but I know it in my heart.

    5) You know where he took that fish and the loaf of bread and feed the multitudes? That was THE FIRST FISH FRY IN HISTORY!

    6) Jesus was descended on his mamas side to King David. David married the Queen of Ethiopia. Ethiopians is the darkest Negros that I have ever seen.

    7) When Jesus was in trouble his homeboys denied knowing him. That mess happens in the hood all the time. Just last night I was walking down Crenshaw to my baby mamas house, and the cops pulled up and asked me if I know Dewayne Jinkins. “Hell no, I don’t know no Darnell Jinkins, officer”. Soon as the cops drove off I pulled out the boost mobile and called my homeboy. I told him to lay low at his mama’s house.

    8) All the oldest catholic church paintings show a black Jesus being held by his black mother.

    9) Jesus’ people came from Egypt and Egyptians are dark skinned. This is also before Muhamma’s Muslims came and took over North Africa. ANd when Herod was looking to kill baby Jesus, they went and hid in Egypt with all the other dark skinned people.

    10) I’m black. I know this.

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