• Lady Gaga Admits To Being A Man Named Jo Calderone

    August 29, 2011 11:57 am 20 comments
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  • We’ve known all along that Lady Gaga has concealed a secret bulge and is rightfully Sir Gaga, but many of ‘her’ horndog fans refused to believe the truth and denied our words.   Thankfully, Lady Gaga has finally agreed to put all her lies to rest at the VMAs where she gave herself an Emma Watson boy haircut and used the male restroom.  Finally, proof and confession that she is a transgenic.

    Gaga as a Dude 640

    Looking more like the sultry, naughty love child of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, or simply just Prince, the strong lines and John Travolta Greaser look reveals that Gaga definitely has a ponyboy in the life creation zone.   How many sick people have lusted over Gaga’s body in the music videos, twiddling themselves as she rolled all around in nasty outfits and simulated mouth sex acts with her coworkers.

    Now, anyone who has done that is gay.  Satan’s plan to create gays by deception has worked and considering the album sells by Gaga, those young men marked for hell due to Gaga Lust is probably at least 30%.  So many of the kindgom of heaven have been claimed by secret homosexuality.

    How could people not tell it was a drag man?  The videos were like going to a nasty fashion show in France, all the black and white strobe lights and writhing bodies and Cannes Film Festival camera angles.  Only a gay can come up with arsty creation like that.

    As corroborated by our friends at Foxnews.com, Lady Gaga is actually a random man named Jo Calderone.

    Notice how Jo refuses to spell his name Joe as a good, straight man should do.  Dropping the ‘e’ at the ends reeks of suspected homosexuality.  But then, Jo opened his mouth and alluded to having a girlfriend.  As Tweet reported by Mike Watson live from the VMAs last night.

    “She left me! She said it always starts out good and then the guys — meaning  me, I’m one of the guys — we get crazy,” Calderone said in the  opening monologue. “I did. I got crazy. But she’s f—ing crazy too,  right?”  Looks like this Gaga is one of the guys.  VMAs are crazy. – Mike Watson

    Reports detail of how Calderone used male restrooms all through the VMAs and then the crowning moment of homosexuality occurred when he propositioned Brittney Spears for a kiss!  Live on air and even admitted to giving himself a twaddle to her posters!

    Perhaps the most awkward moment of all came when Calderone presented Britney  Spears with the Video Vanguard VMA (right after declaring that growing up,  Gaga used to tough himself while looking at the posters of the pop icon on her  wall) and propositioned Britney Spears for a kiss.

    Spears pulled away from the close encounter, and  later seemed unsure of how to handle the situation while keeping full  composure.


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