• Libya Falls! Gaddafi Bows Before President George W. Bush

    August 22, 2011 5:28 am 2 comments
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    Tripoli, Libya The power of American is on display again as yet another global terrorist bows before the prophecy of sage US President George W. Bush.

    Nearly one decade ago, President Bush declared all moral countries upon Earth shall be at War with Terror. While liberals in America chuckled and laughed, President Bush had a strong vision. He knew with America’s might and gift of democracy, the false-god worshipping dictators of the Middle East would soon find themselves fighting rebel citizens who were beckoned by America’s call for mutual friendship and freedom.

    Today, Muammar Gaddafi is the latest dictator to have America’s wrath come upon him. The defiant, bloodthirsty dictator dared thumb his nose at America when we first told him to stand aside and put the oil-rich nation of Libya under America’s gentle protection. Gaddafi bucked American authority and refused to go by America’s dictations.

    Now, just like every other ‘leader’ that defied America before, Gaddafi pays the price.

    Unit protecting Gadhafi surrenders...
    Libyan Rebels 'Capture Son'...
    'End of regime in 10 days'...
    '1,300 dead' in attack on Tripoli...
    NATO racing to wrap up...
    NEXT: Syria warns against military intervention...

    These great headlines highlight one truth Bush foretold, even to an audience of ignorant listeners who did not hear the word of morality and conviction delivered in President Bush's stern words. 

    Mission Accomplished

    From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, America wins every battle, and always gets victory.

    Never forget that line from a great war hymn, one that always rings true for America.  Gaddafi will soon enough hang and roast where he belongs.  And America must show the Libyan people freedom and teach them how to share their oil so the world can be a stable, better place.

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