• Lo Siento Mexican, Aqui Se Habla American

    August 17, 2011 8:04 am 15 comments
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    So I’s get a phone call from my sister yesterday. School is just starting back and my nephew is starting high school. Guess what was on the academic menu for everyone: Mexican.

    Schools nationwide apparently over the summer plotted and some is now making Mexican language A REQUIRED course work. I’m tired of all the burrito scented mariachis sneaking into my country so why would any American ever support legislation to make them feel more at home.

    This is America. Guess what that means? We speak American. Is is already bad that these foreign riffraff try to sneak into our country and act like they are all gooder than us, when they can’t even speak our tongue! Let me learn you something today America.

    For every one foreigner we allow, we become that much closer to becoming a third world hell hole. Fine. You want to force all Americans to learn Mexican. Let’s take a look at El News Mexicano today and see what life is like in an Mexican speaking continent.

    What do you see here, liberalos?  Shock!  It is Tijauna, the capital city of debacueary in Mexico!  Look at the bodies of the high school students, all laying in the rubble streets of the country.  Good thing they all know how to speak Mexican, so when Mr. Druglord came to shoot up everything he could smile as he heard their pleas.  Mexican language must make you lazy, because the only time I hear Mexicans really at east is when they are standing on the side of a road, supposed to be doing some landscaping but instead puckering their lips at the backside of women who walk buy and eating a burrito sandwich.  Lazy drug dealers!  That is the only time you see Mexicans work, is if they are making some stolen food or selling their drugs to buy it.

    Here is a nice Mexican neighborhood of doctors and lawyers in Tegucigalpa.  Look at the fine constructino even their most wealthy citizens get.  The man in the picture is even wearing a dapper’s vest and suit pants, yet we see this riff raff rubble looks worse than even Chocalate katrina!  If we are going for force our children to be learned a proper language, let them know English so they can tell our supposed ‘allies’ in Britain they are all redcoat cowards next time we need to fight a terrorists and they refuse to sign up!

    What would a day in Mexico tongue land be without hookers?  Aside from baking burrito pies, the ovens of Mexican women is always filled with babies because they are gapped legged hussies?  Why else would their bean natino be spilling into this land that God ordained for us, American.

    I told my sister she has a right by Constitution to refused her son to be forced taught this dirt Mexican language and I will keep you updated on how all this Obama scheme to turn us into a third world hellhole of prostitutes, illegal poor babies and drug shootouts is going.



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