• Lollapalooza 2011 Trance Riot in Grant Park Causes Worst Chicago Fire, Sodomized Pregnancy Scare Since 1871

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  • My Dearest Prudence, My soul is chilled but my body is so warm from the burning fires. Hell has indeed come to Earth. They say wild haired witches from New York came here, singing unruly music and from the skies above, God struck the methane laden hindparts of a cow with a great lightning wrath of an old-man’s clench-fisted annoyance at the late night Pagan moon dances these sultry vixens sang. An explosion of fury has now engulfed our lives, I fear our dog did not make it and I shall be coming back to the family home soon. Dear sister, who are these cult L.O.L. ravens? Why have they brought damnation upon our peaceful township? Oh, sister, I am so scared and tell Daddy that I will need his blessed prayers. A forlorn inferno sears the heart of Chicago. I dare not whisper it, but I am feared and my mind is not quite my own. What is happening to us? Love, Annibal
    – The Diary of Annibal Hester, 1871.

    Annibal never made it home to her sister. Her wagon-cart lost an axle and her husband was last seen stark naked, bellowing toward the moonlit heavens on a dark, dusty road in Eastern Ohio. When a rescue party went to find Annibal and her family, at the behest of her sister in Boston, the tragedies were nearly unspeakable. It was late winter in November. Annibal had died from exposure or dysentery. The children, the same, though one was missing several fingers. It was late winter in November. Had the deep, growling pangs of hunger caused this wholesome family to resort to cannibalism, or was something else, far more sinister and frighteningly grotesque, afoot?

    Could it be they had all gone mad, their once normal minds all taken, torn and rotted with a deep spell of Satanically chanted witchcraft? 

    To unravel the mystery of death behind Annibel’s family we must know one truth:  cast only a month earlier in the Satanic hotbed of pre-burn Chicago, was the first enchantment of Satan in a brand of music called “trance”.  This music still throbs inside late night sex clubs in Eastern Europe and the American North, where cold-bodied vixens furiously rub their taut, shivering bosoms over the nearest 4-loco chugging college boy, his half-hung trousers giving rise to a exploding instrument of ovarian destruction and lust on the dancefloors.

    Fathers would be heartbroken to know the sinful things trance and EDM music can force their daughters to do.  Mothers, look away now for the truths of this article will cause you to weep and suffer from torturous migraine-laced insomnia for a fortnight if not a score.

    Dear readers, the tragic world of Electronic Dance Music has once again caused a row of violence to erupt.  The bodies of the innocent are pregnant and today, tearful daughters must shamefully tell their parents that they will become grandparents of an acid-seeking grandchild 9 months down the long road of stares, scorn and condemning damnation from all the prying neighbors, wondering why little Sally’s belly is getting so big.

    Will these daughters bring their parents shame and humility by becoming an abortion-toking whore or just burden them with a sinchild, borne out of wedlock and blessed by Satan the moment a STD-laced phallus perverted their fertility at the moment of Lollapalooza conception?  Both fates are harrowing for parents, but when you consider the masses of people who become embroiled in public orgies of drunken sodomy and sloshing needle sticks so prevalent for people who attend these events, it all becomes more terrifying.

    Foo Fighters by Steve Wrubel
    Stealing Upon the Holy Virgin Gates of Burning ChicagoEDM Band “Foo Fighters” open up the debaucherous affair, singing under the twilight skies that ominously loom above a pagan field thrown prostrate before a modern Chicago that’s visibly smoldering with hell’s intoxicating smoke of marijuana addiction and deathly destruction. Flickering lights are aflame from the exothermic passion of Satan’s mouth-panting excitement for deeply inserting his steel will past the sweaty, squirming flesh of tanned college temptresses thighs, their moistened muscles all sensually rippling in acid-clenched fervor and minds swirling from all the LSD-laced kegs of alcoholic spirits dumped deeply down the gullets of all women in attendance. Hypnotic desire is only released when Dave Grohl stops singing the Satanic hipster raver’s song “Learn to Fly”, the same rewritten ode to modern witchcraft performed before the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. When “Grohl’s Trance” was released, 53% of college girls in attendance were confused and reportedly implanted with the drunken seed of Satan, the not proud fathers already bragging and ducking child support hundreds of feet away. These new witches and future Obama Mommas are none the wiser to their true fate.

    In an unprecedented act of degeneracy, the shock trance band The Farrels teach college students how to perform a “Buzzing Etty” at Lollapalooza 2007. When mixed with the cauldrons of alcohol plied into the students attending these festivals, the Buzzing Etty is said to leave the will of even the most chaste and moral women more loose and fluid than the Whore of Babylon’s cat in deepest throes of feline heat.

    Parents, know this truth: Lollapalooza is a Wiccan word that means ‘witchcraft impregnating ceremony’.
    =>> Shocking Video: A Band of Witches perform dark arts and use ‘trance music’ to blind the mind of naturally gullible college women at Lollapalooza 2008.

    Every Lollapalooza staging area is the same.  The druidic priests who bankroll these rites festivals are involved in dark arts and earn their wealth from tarot card manufacture.  Their driving adherence to consistency and ceremony is only matched by that of the Holy See.

    At the gates, the innocent, naive college students who comprise the bulk of audience receive plastic cups.  The women who are fit, healhty and attractive will be asked, “Are you with child or is it your time of the month?”

    They are told this is for their safety, but research shows that women who are ovulating and with beautiful body are consistently given Red Cups.  The same holds true for bold, strong looking guys who look like they may have a bright future and be in a fraternity.  These young men are given red cups and ushered into ‘their area’, where they will consistently have their cups refilled and refilled for free with the ‘cauldron kegs’ on tap.  “Ugly Duddies” are given the shaft, their areas being filled with yellows cups and Natural Light on tap for $3.00 a spout.

    I’d love to do a chemical analysis, because the alcohol served at Lollapalooza must be the staging point for biochemically cascaded demonic mind alteration (BCDMA).  Of all drugs, LSD and marijuana are the most deadly in combination.  It’s rumored that the ‘Red Cup Brigade’ at Lollapalooza Witching festivals are served the same unholy brew Viet Cong brainwashers vodka-boarded American soldiers with during the Vietnam War.  These brews are of the same concoction used by the CIA as ‘truth serums’, but with the marijuana laced ecstasy seasoned ravers and Lollapalooza attendees tend to always have in their drug-addled bloodstreams,  the victims oft become sensualized and prone to sexual suggestion.

    Foo Fighters by Dave Mead
    Warlocks of Womb Destruction Showered under blistering torrents of mind-bending “Acid Rain”, concert-goers at Lollapalooza are unknowingly soaked with the notorious street-drug Lysergic acid diethylamide, or Smurffy’s Magical Liquid Smut Licorice as it’s called in the underground.  The substance smells of sweetened cotton-candy and blueberries, making the concert goers believe they are being spritzed with a refreshing, aromatic spray to keep cool as they party in drunken debauchery in the thick humidities of mid-summer’s nights.  But alas, readers, this crowd’s dream of musical utopia is really a nightmare only awakened with sore orifices, the realization they are being covered in liquid LSD discovered too late as their unwilling bodies painfully give into being engulfed in a writhing EDM PLUR cuddle puddle scene that would make even the rectum-spreading pimps of Sodom and Gomorrah turn away in shame and disgust. 
    (Lollapalooza Grant Park 2011, a festival of brainwashed witchcraft and wanton sodomy).

    Liquid LSD affects the female nervous system by triggering their orgasmic cycle, forcing the women in the crowd to immediately tightly clench and then climax again and again. They begin ogling the bodies of the confused men who are in a Satanic stupor from the laced alcohol that was dumped into their red cups and now having all their senses heightened to a furious marijuana-roid primal aggression — where all civility is lost and their decency discarded — these once decent men are transformed into a rag-tag brood of pelvic thrusting degenerates, their philandering lust worthy of casting within the Lord of the Flies.

    Through the trance music and rampant drugs at this Raver Festival, the attractive, college-aged boys and girls of America are transformed into little leg-gapping, gonad sploshing hussy warlocks and witchwhores for Satan.  The funk of this festival is well known to match that of a Tuna Factory.  For this reason, these events are rarely patrolled by the sober and those who are not inebriated can hardly stand the funky, foul gonorrhea odors that infamously seep from the midsection of Lollapaloozers. 

    This makes the jobs of the bands quite easy.  Lollapalooza is headlined by sexual spinsters such as DJ Quaalude, Deadmau5, The Foo Fighters (an anal orgy rights band), The Dangerous Deftones, A New Found Glory, The Phish, The Farrels and urban drummed and bassed beat’s rapper Ludicrous.  As the drugs set in and witchcraft from Satanic brews starts to fill the minds of the red cupped girls, the most popular trance bands like Paul Vander Dyke, Christopher Lawrance and most notoriously trance master DJ Blend whisper Satan’s techno breath into their ears, making their yearning sinholes moist and pliable for Satanic phallus insertion from the confused college boys.

     HARD Summer 2011 @ Los Angeles State Historic Park
    Raver Chicks Engaged in a “Nestled Opiate Toss”, aka, Peeping Bodies all but dissheveled from the drug-induced sodomy and rampant sexuality available at Lollapalooza, these ‘raver chicks’ anxiously peep and prinny as they beg Ludicrous and his posse to fill their gullets with the most lurid array of intoxicating marijuana opiate seeds possible. Much as a “Momma Bird” will do her young, the most famous bands are responsible for feeding these mindless raver girls all the pill food possible, so their sensibilities can never return until they wake up diseased, used and bewitched.

    The stats are stark if not scary:  for every one person attending Lollapalooza, six will be laced with cancorous herpies, Gay Bowel Disease or even worse, necrotizing  fasciatic gonadal chlamydia (‘superclap’ on the  EDM scene).  Diseased pregnancy rates following a Lollapalooza festival are also very heavily elevated and prevalent following these events, as you now know the name of the event implies.

    Much as heard on the fateful night in Chicago in the year 1871, once again the sounds of ‘trance enabling witchcraft’ played at this year’s Lollapalooza in Grant Park.

    The bands were furious in their delivery and with the speed of a crack-addicted wizard, so many girls happily took pictures of the magical event and updated all their friends on Facebook’s 4square and Twitter.   But the seeming fun soon turned into forbading silence, as the Twittering chirps went silent and Facebook wall updates abruptly ended within 37 minutes of the concert’s beginning, roughly the amount of time it takes for LSD to fully course the body.

    Many of you parents do not realize the danger of Raves, kids who are addicted ravers (EDM freaks) or the history of this smutty trance cult.  God tried to wipe the forfathers of the rave movement out in Chicago and even earlier in Salem, but as you see, Satan’s rave witchcraft is like a plague, hiding in the most recessed hallows and festering back to life in the warm bodies of the weak-minded and easily influenced.

    As you glance over the primer, take heart to the following lesson and the solution to the Mystery of Annibal’s Demise.

    Raver’s Lingo 101: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Perverted Trance Cult of Electronic Dance Music
    Like most parents, you are very confused by your child’s behavior. You peer onto their Facebook page and see images of them running half naked through fields, bodies spewed with flourescent paints and unknown fluids that remain hidden until blacklit. The purity of your wild-haired, drug needle enamored child is lost if they mention phrases like “P.L.U.R.”, “Uncle Abe’s Five Dollar Bucket” or “Trance Rave” anywhere on their Facebook, Myspace or Orkut. This list is quick primer into ‘keywords’ you need to look out for and if you see any mentioned on their websites or text message history when you sneak on their phone, use your parental authority to pull them out of college and make them stay at home, enrolled in drug counseling until they are delivered from their addictions and spellbound mindset.
    Raver Lingo
    Raver Lingo

    Abe – This term refers to someone will “take an Abe.” The raver would like five dollars worth of drugs.

    Adam – Ecstasy

    All-star – Someone who uses many different types of drugs.

    Amping – Feeling your increased heart rate due to dancing or drugs.

    Are You Anywhere? – This is a question a raver will ask someone else if they want to know if they use marijuana.

    Bad Go – This is the term that’s used when someone has a bad experience with a drug.

    Candy Flip – A combination of LSD and ecstasy.

    Candy Raver – This usually refers to a raver that is fairly young and wears candy as jewelry in the form of candy bracelets or necklaces. It could also refer to a raver that uses a candy flip combination.

    Chill Room – This is a cornered off section of the rave that has lounging chairs and couches and blindfolded spin-the-bottle fornication is played. Kisses and body fluids are exchanged and no one can leave until they have received a throbbing gristle or pixie dusting.

    Dirt Grass – Area where homosexuals trap fraternity boys, plying them with alcohol, mind-altering marijuana and a dojo of backsided attacks from multiple men. The ‘dirt grass’ reference should be obvious, with the passed out fraternity boys supplying the ‘dirt’ as they lay unconscious on the grass.

    Drop – To take a drug in a pill form.

    E-Bombs – Ecstasy

    E-Puddle – Someone who has passed out on the floor after taking ecstasy and then used as a public urinal

    E-Tard – Used to refer to a raver who has taken ecstasy and is irritating others by hugging them.

    Party – What ravers usually call raves. This means if your child says they are ‘going to a party’, you should take alarm and call missing persons. Your child has a 8% chance of being abducted and a 2 out of 5 chance of being sodomized with LSD soaked objects, even those of flesh.

    Party Favor – A term for drugs. Ravers will often try to find drugs at a rave by asking another raver if they have any party favors.

    Peeps – Raver girls who open their mouths like baby birds, closing their eyes and letting any stranger throw a “Momma’s Mix” of opiate seeds or baby batter seedlings from their phallic pecker into their mouths. It is very disheartening to see college women letting themselves be used such as this.

    Plur – Double entendre. On the East Coast, this phrase stands for Penis, Labia, Urinal Rectum. It stands for the type of fornication which can be found in each subset of a rave festival. In California’s Southern Coast, Plur stands for Pressure Lusting Until Release. Both are sexually symbolic in nature and raver children will lie, telling you that PLUR means some hippy gibberish about peaceful lsd ultimate respect, which you can tell is hogwash.

    Scenester – These ravers know the promoters and/or the DJs at a rave. They will often try to advocate for more private VIP rooms.

    Sketchy – Usually how a raver will feel as they are coming off their high. The term refers to someone who is confused, unfocused, and not quite sure whether they are still high or not.

    Spinning – This is how DJs decide who will be their zombie-minded groupies. “Who’s we spinning tonight?” is often asked before they throw their opiates to opened mouths of their chosen peeps.

    The True History of Lollapalooza

    College children will tell you lies and say this festival is but a celebration of happiness and music, where bands live by a code of honor and love, the crowd, linking arms and simply singing along with their new best friends.

      But the scene is not innocent.  The only arms linking are those thrown into the deepest spells of lust and Satanism, completing their bloodoaths with drunken, carnal revelry fueled by cauldron brews of fluidic pill mixtures unknown.

    Trance Raves are the most dangerous of all, because in addition to all the drugs and rampant DNA swapping, the attendees are engaged in a spiritual battle started long ago.

    Many of you have heard of the Salem Witch trials.  At these trials, allegations were made that women and men existed who would dance under the moonlight, calling up the demons of Satan to walk the Earth and sexually exploit them with hell-bent fury.

    These people were known as “Wiccans” and the good people of Salem did all they could to wipe them out.  But there was one problem:  the Wiccan cults were powerful, their magic being directly enhanced by Satan himself.

    Within the cult of Wiccan religion, ravens and cats are prominent.  Ravens are known as the bird of death:  cats, as the escorts of prostituted souls for the devil.

    Wiccans called their cats Lucifer’s Ornery Lemmings, as they would do any command called up during a cult festival, even if it meant plunging to their death.

    In witchcraft, cats ‘blessed by Satan’, that is, blessed by being drenched in the very Ergot poisoned lager that is still served in red cups at any rave to this day, can give demons a gateway to Earth.  These LOLcats as they came to be known have been implemented into modern vernacular, especially favored by the young, buxome college females targetted for pregnancy at raves.

    The second part of the component is the raven.  The goal of every rave is to make a girl so drug-fueled or tranced that she will engage in countless sex acts, increasing her chance of pregnancy.  DJs, the modern day master warlocks of these events, want girls to be ravenous ravens, gripping the flesh of every male in explosive desire until they are filled with the steamy sauces of conception.

    Raver is a play on ravenous ravens, or, girls who are bewitched.

    Lollapalooaza is the oldest trance rave known to humanity.  The LOL signifying Lucifer’s Ornery Lemmings, or cats, and lap being the place where sin docking takes place at these events.  Apalooza is an ancient Celtic term for ‘the devil’s magic’.

    Putting it all together, we now can understand Lollapalooza is a Egyptian-calibre cat worship festival where bodies are flung into wild, passionate hazes of thrusts and jousts, all moaning in unison while bands like U2 and Moby excite the crowd with hellacious cresendos of electronica and heart-pounding bass, until the entire crowd all collapses drunk and fulfilled, all unwittingly taking place in one disastrous event for humanity.

    The birth of the Anti-Christ.

    Lollapalooza is a prime candidate for who Satan’s seed will enter a woman’s womb and grow, bringing Armageddon upon Earth 9 month’s later.  What parent really wants their daughter to be Mother Mary of the church of Wiccanism?

    Parents, Lollapalooza is in league with seances and those scary boards that move around on their own.  You do not want your children being backside tapped by Satanic forces, so forbid them from any future Lolapalooza events.  Whatever threats you need to make to keep them from being Satan’s little pill toking ravens is worth it, as it will save their lives and bring a brighter tomorrow for all on Earth.

    Smouldering: This aerial shot shows the extent of the damage caused by rioters in Tottenham. Commander Adrian Hanstock described the trouble as 'absolutely unacceptable'

    In a harrowing scene not seen in Chicago since 1871, a great fire once again ripped through the city after Wiccan Ravers hosted a lollapalooza festival.  Over $23 million in damages were inflicted from one day alone, the numbers of sodomy countless and even more devastating.

    Wrecked: Two police cars used as a road block were set alight during the troubles in Tottenham

    A Smoldering Aftermath – In this chilling image, the carcasses of cars embroiled within the Grant Park Lollapalooza fest can be seen.  It’s reported that familes were forced to cry and flee from their cars as trance raver’s growled with the ‘rumblings of the possessed’, with two counts of a car being sexually penetrated by gloss-eyed men with red cupts in one hand and swirling pants in another.  The aftermath of the festival has overloaded area psychologists, who are calling in resources from outside to counsel all the families who survived the Satanic Fertility Festival of Gules and Crimson.

    Annibal and Chicago were bewitched in 1871.  Their fates were sealed when a Wiccan Rite was performed in early October, directly before what would become known as a Lollapalooza festival.  Annibal had likely been subjected to many drugs and unknown pubic tinglings, her and her husband going made from all the confused memories sloshing their cheese-holed minds.

    The first Lollapalooza was so powerful in evil, God had no choice but to wipe it out with heavenly fury.  Are these festivals tempting God to strike again?  You be the judge, and remember, the souls of your precious college children are at stake.  Take authority and forbid their attendance.

    Lollapalooza Day 2: Atmosphere, Deftones, Ellie Goulding, Perry Farrell & more

    Crowd-goers Peeping in Naive Earnest, Will Chicago’s 1871 Fate Strike Again?

    Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago, August 7, 2011

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