• London Riots Brutality Now So Violent, Evil Dictators Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Muammar Qaddafi Beg America to Intervene

    August 9, 2011 8:47 pm 24 comments
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    With tears of sorrow streaming down his bearded face, a somber Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took to the palacial stage last night to beg.  It was not for money or humanitarian aide for his own nation, nay, not even for the right to invade his blood enemy of Israel.

    In an unprecedented move of compassion, Ahmadinejad begged America to save the good people of London.

    The Iranians are a very evil people, an entire nation that deserves wrathful carpet-bombing of preemptive nukes and firebombs dropped on every square inch of their sandy soil.  They are a member of the Axis of Evil and know no morality, but yet, even their villainous leader knows what is happening to the people of London is wrong.

    As the London riots spill into the third day, the statistics are alarming:

    Violence Against Londoners, At A Glance
    284 people missing, in London proper alone
    23 counts of forced debauncery at Wimbley stadium, with 6 soccer stars reportedy having their gootch musk tainted by ornery officers with batons
    – the burning of kittens and puppies to dehumanize children, one in which renown humanitarian August Weisz now famously caught in this horrifying image
    – hate crimes: many urban Afro-Britanians are using this opportunity to enact innate violence and lust acts upon innocent suburban university students.
    – Queen Elizabeth II forcibly swatch badgered in the knickers before being rescued by special forces
    – burning of civic services (buses, schools, churches, neighborhood centers, grocery stores) to cause chaos and compliance from the British people
    David Cameron has vowed to utilize powerful water cannons and rubber bullets on any protestors

    These horrors are but a small sampling of the crimes the British people have endured for now nearly a week. As the people of Britain continued to travel along the road to eventual genocide and slavery, Barack Hussein Obama is sitting idly, not jumping in to help.

    Even Muammar Gaddafi, the terror-Lord of Libya who refuses to bow to American authority, today stated that the human rights violations in London are far too tragic. That if he is considered a rights violation monster, how can the people in London be allowed treated like this without any US intervention. And for once, Muammar is absolutely right.

    David Cameron may be possessed by the demon spirit of Idi Amin. Not since Amin’s brutal rule claimed 300,000 thousand lives in Africa have we seen this sort of wanton carnality, debauchery and carnality inflicted on a people. The EDM raver concerts that horrified Americans last week have nothing on what’s happening to Britain, inflicted by people we would expect to be sensible, adult and Christian.

    Horror fills your eyes.

    Still bringing terror from the back of a horse, Cameron’s black-clad dragoons torch homes and churches in the countryside of London.  How many people have perished in this ‘cleansing of the chav-ridden poor of eternally faux furloughs’ as Cameron is calling it is still unconfirmed at the time of report.

     Even after that chilling images, Democrats like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi will be selfish and allow these rights violations to continue to occur.  They will lie to you and say we cannot possibly afford a war with England.

    To that we must say, hogwash!  America was founded by fighting a war with a far more wealthy England, with a filthy-rich tyrant known as King George at the helm.  We freed the world from England’s iron grip once and now, we must free even their own people from the government they have bowed before for too long.

    The plan for restoring America’s economy to prime standing and protecting the lesser countries is patently simple.  Below, we see a map of S&P’s global credit rating.

    via chartsbin.com

    If we simply invade the nations with prime credit rating, deliver their people from the oppressive governments, and instead of using an oil commodity or tangible good as compensation, we simply usurp their credit rating.  Our credit rating will be as powerful and stellar as Optimus Prime in a summer blockbuster, gleaming and glistening as the new steel makes all other nations that we did not invade and call our known supremely jealous.  The nations we protect would protect us and take pride in being in the US protectorate.

    My friends, the world as we knew it no longer exists.  The gloves of Satan have come off and he’s trying everything possible to sabotage morality in the Western governments.  China’s threat is growing and we must unify the powerful, credit-worthy Western states.  Look at how Satan causes the leaders of London to brutally ravage their citizens.  He’s doing this so China, his evil dragon children, can gain power and eventually domination.

    My dear friends, it is time for America’s military to invade London. Along with Australia and a handful other countries in Europe, England’s credit rating is still Prime. By invading these countries and setting them free of their government, America can usurp that rating while bringing protection to the citizens of these oppressive lands. A government so greedy it will not spend enough to help all the people will always eventually lead to a Nazi state.

    As you let this realization and truth set upon you, look upon these images of police violence being exacted upon our brothers and sisters in England.  America is in a recession.  We have a mindless Democrat president at the helm.  A dictator is rising to the East.  And once again, just like in the 1940s, America will be blessed for saving the world from eternal damnation and oppression.

    This is like World War II all over again, and the only name-swap is Nazi Germany with Labour Conservatives.  America, this is our moment to once again be the executive police, judgemental jury and legislating law the world desperately needs.

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