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    Don’t give in to the slanted, judgmental ramblings of old, conservative Americans who take it upon themselves to cast judgment on their fellow man, when in their own minds and hearts, are evil by nature and practice.


    01. God loves you.

    02. God wants you to do the best you can (without hurting anyone, or being destructive in the process).

    03. Listen to your heart when in contemplation — do not rely on the authors of this website, or anywhere else in the world, to help you make the *right* decision. The voice of your conscience is the voice of God.

    04. It’s okay to be contemporary. Be awesome — wear cool colors, patterns, hats and funky colors — so long as they won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Take pride in your appearance and individuality; stand out of the crowd. Don’t fade away. Watch movies, play video games, listen to great music — just be mindful of the messages, and know when to turn that sh*t off.

    05. Have faith. But it is okay to ask questions.

    06. Many “Christians” in America are no better than the jihadist Muslims, using the name of God to disguise their hatred. You can see it.

    07. Don’t be closed-minded. Don’t get “holier-than-thou” on anyone, because you’re of the same value to God as any other. We are all sinners, and thus, our punishment is death.

    08. If you create a problem, don’t run away from it. Accept responsibility, and try your best to solve it. It’s okay to fail sometimes… so long as you try.

    09. Have fun in life. But be careful. Some risks just aren’t worth taking.

    10. The world we live in is as beautiful as it is ugly. It’s 50/50, so try to be on the “cup is half-full” side as best you can. Don’t become jaded and spiteful — your life will suck.

    With love,

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