• Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo To Support Gay Marriage, Branded Worse than Hester Prynne

    August 1, 2011 10:17 am 31 comments
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  • I wish I were God right now.  I’d wake up today and look at New York, wagging my head and then make an announcement:  “Meteor strike the homocity!”

    I would rain down meteor after metero on gay marriages until Obama and Eric Boehner cowered in fear and figured out that the only thing that makes me angrier than America being a bad credit black is GAY’S MARRIAGE!

    Today we have more proof of how gay marriage corrupts our innocent!

    Story photo: Miley Cyrus Gets New Tattoo In Support Of Gay Marriage

    Look at that finger.  That is a sin finger.  A finger that is supposed to represent a wife’s marriage to her husband and pride to be a future mother of America, is being used as a gay billboard!

    What’s next, Miley?  Twissle sprout that vajayine with carpet bagging lesbianism!

    This is what happens when you allow gay marriage, parents.  We all know there has been a battle going on a long time for Miley Cyrus’ mortal soul.  We know Satan has long licked his chops and tried to taste of this young woman’s innocence.  Now, we see the gays have helped Satan perform his coup-de-grac anal trick and get her to open up to gay marriage.

    It’s already bad enough that she had an unholy six tattoss, but this gross brand is almost the letter H for “HOMO HEATHEN” and is worse than a Scarlet Letter.  It is a black letter.

    Hopefully Miley Cyrus watches this video clip and sees what happens to a leg gapper who was branded with sin because she liked to cheat on her husband.  Punishment is twice as worse for devilwhore gay enablers.  The gays are just like terrorists:  once emboldened, they will try to plant all the roadside bombs they can right in our backside so they can just explode in nasty glee all over the place.

    Shame, Miley.  I woke up today hoping to find some good news to report about, but instead, now I’m having to condemn gays to hell and be SICK WITH DISGUST because they are allowing fecal pacts in New York City.  And its’ corrupting the future of America as we can see.

    Stop enabling fecal pacts, America!  You can now see you are harming marriage by making girls use the holy finger unity spot to brand it with Satan’s mark.


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