• My Chemical Romance: Alchemists of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

    August 17, 2011 5:38 pm 398 comments
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  • “Sex, drugs, and rock and roll is the American dream. Who are you to say that’s wrong?”

    This was written on the Christwire Face Book wall…these children are so mislead by the musical forces of darkness they no longer know what is right and what is wrong. It is almost universally agreed that drugs are bad. They all lead you down a path to abuse and dependence. Many of these drugs over time create physical changes on your brain that actually change who You are, over time.

    You can let opiate withdrawal treatment take care of you when you’ve finallydecided to stop taking those opiates and other similar drugs.

    Drugs are a horrible scourge on our society. They destroy homes and families and kill. Drugs like Meth and Crack are cooked up by evil scientists more interested in turning a quick buck to buy a new Mustang or to rent a whore by the hour. These scientists are like medieval alchemists turning common things into soul destroying drugs. Alchemy was an ancient dark art where people called upon witch craft and evil forces to turn normal elements into gold. As modern people we no longer call this scientific witchcraftery Alchemy but chemistry.

    Chemists turn these every day items into filth using science. As “musicians” My Chemical Romance uses common musical instruments to deliver a syringe of sinful opiate straight into your auditory system. Once these sounds enter the ear canal they are channeled straight into the blood stream and into the heart where they are absorbed by the soul turning it black and infected with sin just like the Devils smoke from a “hit” of Mary Jane.


    Most dangerous EMOSEXUAL bands start out as a dark depressed group grasping in the dark to forces they can not control (such as Falling On Reverse, The Devils Wear Prada, and Black Veal Brides). My Chemical Romance did not start from such a disturbing spot. The terror acts of 9/11/2001 inspired a young man with the unfortunate name of Jerald Gay to write music and reach out to others to understand the evil that literally impacted this country at subsonic speeds that day.

    He wrote such beautiful songs as “Skylines and Turnstiles” but needed a band to get his music to the masses. He turned to his friends, drummer Matt Polesmokier, Ray Toro and his brother little Mikey Gay. They practiced and worked on recording their first album in Polesmokier’s attic. Late one night Polesmokier pulled out a Ouija board, and they began to play that accursed game. None of the band members have revealed what the demonic voices told them that night but within weeks they were all using drugs.

    Weeks after their lapse into drug abuse they were signed by Eyeball Records. Their album “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” was soon released. Research has revealed that the name of the album was influenced by the Manson Murders. Manson formed a cult in the late 60’s and got people to kill for him. Even though he himself never committed any murders he is still locked up in prison to this day.


    In 2003, the band signed a deal with Reprise Records. Worried about the bands drug addiction problems they decided to give them a good example before starting on their next album. Reprise demanded that they tour with Avenged Seven Fold, universally known as a good christian band. It seemed to work, that the good christian lives of A7F rubbed off and the band began working on their second album, “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” witch was Released in 2004. The album which went platinum in just over a year is another allusion to the Manson saga.

    Over the next couple of years they toured the country playing angry emo music, preaching their brand of brain washed musical beliefs to the youth, and sodomizing groupies. Finally in 2006 they release yet another Manson themed album named “Life on the Murder Scene”. Later that year they released “The Black Parade”. During filming of the video for the song “Famous Last Words” Gay and Bob Bryar were injured. Suffering from a drug induced stoner confusion, you can see them stumbling and kicking at clouds of white powder that looks like cocaine, Way suffered torn ligaments in his ankle, and Bryar a burned leg and a staph infection that hospitalized him. The incident lead to rehab for the band and several tour dates were postponed until they sobered up.


    In 2008 the British newspaper The Sun published an article entitled, “Suicide of Hannah, the Secret emo“. Hannah Bond, was a little thirteen year-old limey Brit that like most young emos fell into a bad crowd. Luckily in American most emos just slap on face paint, henna tattoos, gaudy face piercings and brag about how they are going to brutally murder little old women that wrote an article they don’t like about some lame band they do like. But since England is a much worse and a much more sinful country than our blessed christian nation, the emos of England are at danger to much more pernicious forces of evil.

    It seems that little Hannah Bond, fell into a “self-harming ’emo’ cult”. The newspaper directly associated My Chemical Romance, and their album The Black Parade, to her suicide. The coroner Roger Sykes expressed concern that Bond’s “emo” lifestyle glamorized suicide. The Sun’s article, and another article, linked My Chemical Romance to the suicide, which caused outcry from the band’s emosexual fan base.

    Angry British emos took to the streets of London, wearing full face paint and all black; they set fires, over turned cars and looted mall record stores. The riot culminated as hundreds of fans congregated at Marble Arch. During this time, while in concert, My Chemical Romance would shout “f**k the Daily Mail” during their concerts in the England.

    Soon news of their sinful acts and involvement in diabolical suicide cults reached the US, where only one Newscaster was brave enough to STAND UP and label them for what they were.

    Glenn Beck labeled the My Chemical Romance’s music as Propaganda after it appeared on the TV show Glee. Glee is about a homosexual woman teacher that leads a group of singing high school students. They often sing popular songs from the devil’s repertoire of modern pop artists. This show is very popular with teens and young homosexual adults. The show itself is seen by many groups as a recruiting tool of the liberal homogay agenda. Mr. Beck acknowledged the act of the homogay agenda using My Chemical Romances music to recruit into the teen emosexual subgroup. As this group is already well in danger of permanent soul loss to the devil, Mr. Beck had to speak up. As usual the response from emos and MCR was hollow threats of violence and a mighty round of “F**k You’s“.


    After the suicide cult and Glen Beck controversy as well as the fall out from the “Famous Last Words” video they sought help and got rehab and counseling. Cleaned up and tired of their fake music and faux on stage acting abilities they decided to get back to making real music, so in 2009 they started work on yet another album. Of the next album Gay said “I think (the next album) will definitely be stripped down. I think the band misses being a rock band.” He also said “it’s not going to be hiding behind a veil of fiction or uniforms and makeup anymore.” He also declared that it would be “full of hate.” It was soon revealed that the new albums names was “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.”

    The name of the album alludes to the danger that they experienced during their days of rampant drug abuse. The songs of that album speak as an autobiography of the band during that time and preach about how they were austracised as kill joys to their musician friends who soon disowned them because they were no longer having drug induced sodomy rape parties on a nightly basis.

    Due to being looked down upon by other “party” bands, they soon come to be looked down upon by their previous fan base. The album was a phenomenal flop. As it turns out once their romance with chemicals was over so was their career. They turned their backs on Drug and Alcohol abuse, sodomy and rape, Manson and cults and their fans turned their backs to them. It is a sad end really, but I think one we can all learn a lesson from.

    Gay once called their music “What-else-ya-got-emo” but now decries the bands label by stating:

    “Basically, it’s never been accurate to describe us. Emo bands were being booked while we were touring with Christian metal bands because no one would book us on tours. I think emo is F–ing garbage, it’s bulls–. I think there’s bands that unfortunately we get lumped in with that are considered emo and by default that starts to make us emo.”

    The band now destitute.

    Let this be an example to all of us about the dangers of the emosexual lifestyle.

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