• NASA Captures Moment Angel Destroys a Demon, In Space

    August 26, 2011 9:44 am 35 comments
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    Black Hole Eats Star

    Yet again we see the wonder and power of God on display in space.  Many of you still have your hearts overwhelmed with joy from the Cosmic Space Butterfly revelation.  And no one can forget the day God reachted from heaven and showed his powerful hand to the Chandra Xray Observatory.

    God continually shows the awe of his power in the deep expanses of space.  This is why liberals like Barack Obama are trying to shut NASA down, so we can spend money on pointless wars and poor people, instead of being explorers of eternity like we’re destined to be.

    In today’s touching space moment, God allowed NASA to capture the moment an angel’s power, seen to the left in the image, devors some sort of yellow space demon.  In the image, you can see the notorious flaming sword that was mentioned in Genesis.  The angel has, stabbged the demon with this sword and is using the power of a holy vertex to swivel the demon straight into hell.

    This is truly inspiring and shows that any enemy of Morality will be brought to justice.  Now for the science here, even within your body the same design is used.  There are cells in the body called phagocytles.  They can ate any type of pathogen Satan may put in you:  the cold, the flu, bacteria, spingle hoppers, gay droplets and allergies.  The list goes on and on.  These phagocytes undergo what’s called, phagocytosis and it means they can cut “cytosis” the bad parts “phag” right out of you.  They use a sword like projection of rDNA and stick it right in the pathogen, then just like a toilet flushes, suck down the injured pathogen and carry it to your intestines where you will expel it unto a greater vortex and then feel better.

    Watch as this demon is flushed away in the same mannter, but just a bigger scale.  God has built the power of space wonders right into our bodies at the microscopic levels.  Glory.

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