• New Brain Eating Amoeba Was Born In New York’s Gay Bath Houses

    August 17, 2011 6:14 pm 44 comments
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  • Yonkers, New York  Terrified scientists clamor about in New York, trying to find the cure for a new amoeba that can eat your brain within a day.  Almost like a thing from horror films, this new ‘zombie parasite’ actually has its orgins in New York’s rampantly gay community.

    During the 1980s, the amoeba was first discovered and called Homo naegleria rectalis, biological nomenclature for the ravaging effect it had on the anal region of practicing gays.  The myriad, flesh-rotting diseases that shocked the most seasoned officials at the CDC were summarily grouped as “Gay Bowel Disease” or “Gay Bowel Syndrome“.

    Though liberal politicking and bickering has lowered awareness of GBD over the last 30 years, today we see a newer, more terrifying version of this amoeba has somehow mutated and is putting the lives of every person at risk.

    The entry point for the F1 Naegleria strain was simple:  homosexual phallus to homosexual rectal tissue.  At this point in the life cycle, the amoeba would feast on all the bacteria that festers on a gay’s naturally unclean skin in their snookered backsides.  This festering lead to things like AIDS, warts, anal legions and even a rare form of heart disease in the gay community.

    But scientists and us Christians figured the exposure to the amoeba would be limited to the homo community, so just did not make a big deal over Democrat’s shushing the truth of Gay Bowel Disease to the public.

    Naegleria fowleri

    But now we are paying the price for letting this gay amoeba brood.  Gays are rampant in their promiscuity, with the average gay man sin docking with over 500 partners per year.  These sick numbers mean the wild flora and fauna at the point of sinful flesh contact are wild and exotic, all becoming moist in DNA altering frictions every time these sickos reach their climax.  Somehow their sinful actions caused a mutation of the GBD amoeba and we have now a new GBD:  Gay Brain Disease.

    The vector of spread of this organism works just like the classic GBD amoeba of the 80s, but any of us can catch it.  Now gays can spread their sicknesses just by breathing our air and putting their bodies in our water supply.  Behold science.


    At this point you are terrified.  That next gulp of water or breath of fresh air you take may be just like teeing up for a swing of Dapper Sam’s Subway Salami in your No-no spot.

    I could only wish this was the Middle Ages, because we could just take hot irons and shape them into giant “G” for “Going to hell, you gays!” and brand them all and make them settle in a far away penile colony!  You you sick gays would enjoy that but so would we, because we would not have your nasty lifestyles causing amoeba that can eat our brains out.

    Gays are to blame for many things.  Just hit “gays to blame” in the search bar in our archives and you will witness 100s of articles.  The best way to know what faces us now is to learn from the horrors we all endured in 1977 when we first discovered gay bowel syndrome.  Education others and tell them the gay virus has mutated and is coming to some water or air near you.  Do you still really want to vote for gay’s marriage?

    Enjoy my video presentation.


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