• Obama Blames S&P, Dow Jones Futures For Riots in London

    August 9, 2011 1:37 pm 1 comment
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  • Showing an unprecedented penchant for strawman arguments, President Barack Obama today blamed the riots in London on S&P downgrades to US credit and even more bizarre, investor lack of confidence in Dow Jones Futures, for the terrifying riots in London.

    Instead of being responsible and confessing that he ruined the Road to Recovery set before America by President Bush, Obama is trying to hide behind day to day current events for his failures.  S&P downgraded America’s credit rating because Obama’s spending through our money like a welfare mother after winning the lotto.  Every without a job has a regal turky leg in one hand and malted liquor in the other, living the good life.  Every schmuck without a job or worry can live off the fat of the land, yet we’re still cutting taxes?

    It does not add up, Obama.  Of course Dow Jones Futures are messed up.  Why would anyone want to invest in a market where all the businesses are surviving off federal government bailouts and the federal government is a penny’s width away from needing a bailout itself.  The guarantor of so many college loans, home loans, health care costs and more is now in default.  What do you think’s going to happen with all of that, Magic Kenya?

    Obama is a far cry from the magic negro of tv lore.  He’s not helping me in my time of need and believe he is not helping you either.  The London people are rioting because the English are violent by nature.  Just look at their blood thirsty history and you’ll see they were not satisfied until every nation lay smoldering under the booted feet of their little red-coated, lobster tail forces, until a group of American farmers kicked their sorry butts back across the ocean where they belonged and even then, they fought amongst themselves and namely the French.

    The English are bloodlusters.  Obama is delusional and our economy is ruined.  Once London Bridge is seen to be falling down, we can just expect fair lady Liberty to do a trick for Emperor Mao, because civility and order is being lost in Western Society.  And it’s not S&P to blame.  It is not Dow Jones Futures to blame.

    It is all one smiling spendhappy president named Barack Hussein Obama.  How did Obama pay for college anyhow?

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