• OK Magazine Shows Off Britney Spears New Body

    August 2, 2011 8:45 pm 8 comments
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  • Gossip rag OK Magazine shows off Britney Spears new body in its latest skin-desire marinated issue. The feature story of the magazine is how Britney Spears has used all her money, plastic surgeons and whatever other deviant means to make her body look ‘oh so hot’ after having two children.

    As America deals with a national debt crisis and New York is betraying our duty to allow two men or two women to marry, is a revitalized Britney Spears boasting tight curves and streamlined shape really what needs to be put before good, properly married families?

    Britney Spears new body represents all that is wrong with modern media. She is not being celebrated for her voice, even though she calls herself a singer. She is not being celebrated for her words, even though she’s to be a television poet.

    Instead, she will shake and shimmy her Britney Spears new body all over TV and cause people to look at her exposed areas. This is very bad because it will force husbands to think about things they do not want to. It will cause our sons to do the same and our daughters to have confused feelings.

    For us mothers, it will just make it though much more tough to balance out our families and try to keep the nuclear center strong for America. Without a nucleus, everything falls apart. This is so true especially for this time in our country.

    Britney Spears

    And even then, you can see that airbrushing has occured.  You can tell Britney Spears new body had cankles before they delimited the f-filter and used the squeegie tool.  She is also pigeon-toed and has a trailer-park Mom vibe to her.  How can guys even be attracted to that?

    All in all, this new re-emergence of Britney is the type of nonsense that got us into this debt crisis.  She is tearing families apart, but when she starts to want publicity, the media loses focus.  Instead of berating Bill Clinton in years past and now Barack Obama, they were waisting time talking about how Britney was shaving her head to Mr. Clean levels and chasing around paparazzi in LA, instead of focusing on how President George W. Bush was fighting terror and would need a man like Senator John McCain to balance our budget after our long war of peace to keep ourselves and all our allies safe with pre-emptive strikes dictated by faith and gut instinct.

    My gut instinct is that Britney Spears is skanky and this Britney Spears new body campaign is just more of what we do not need in our country.

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