• PITA’s War on Hunting

    August 9, 2011 5:48 pm 23 comments
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  • Every Fall is a grand time in the south. The temperature has finally subsided as the 90s are replaced by 60s and 70s. Leaves begin to change colors as it is time for the crops to be harvested off the farm or out of the garden and as the women come together to start preparing the harvest for canning, the men then leave for the woods. Leaving the women to sit and have a fun sistership.

    This is the time for strong virulent men to go into the woods to procure game for the the table. During the hunting season men are allowed to use bows, black powder guns and finally modern guns to hunt Deer and Turkey. In swampy areas the very brave go into the swamps to hunt and kill dangerous wild boar and alligators. Unfortunately hunting can be a dangerous past time. Besides the risk of being attacked by animals one has to worry about being shot by your hunting partners. Because of this, hunters are required to get hunting licenses and to wear protective reflective clothing.

    But that will all change if the local Atlanta branch of PITA has anything to say about it.

    All summer PITA has been conducting high dollar fund raisers. Now one knew their plans until they recently announced their 2011-2012 Hunting Season Agenda. It seems that they have procured hundreds of thousands of orange hunting vests specially made for turkeys and deer.

    They plan to recruit liberal arts students from Emory, Georgia State, and Georgia Tech Universities this fall as soon as classes start. During off time and weekends they will trudge into the forests and swamps of Northern Georgia to humanely trap animals and place the vests on them.

    I can not begin to remotely state how silly this is. Besides the idea of getting city kids to go out into the rough and tumble woods, I can tell you the animals will not cooperate.

    When I was young, my father went hunting one winter. He shot a deer that day but what he didn’t know was that the deer he shot was a mother. As he began to field dress the deer a small fawn began to stumble out of the woods. My father stopped what he was doing as the small baby deer collapsed at the body of its dead mother. He knew the deer would not survive on it’s own. That day he toted the dead carcass under one arm and with the other the baby deer.

    We hand feed the deer for months, and it soon became my pet. As a young girl I pretended that it was my pony, and I named it Bambi after the Disney movie that had recently been released. Bambi lived with us for years. We never kept her fenced in, she was free to come and go as she wished. One day my younger brother Wilbur was playing with Bambi and accidentally stepped on her leg. Bambi started attacking him, throwing him to the ground and repeatedly stomping his head with her hoof. I had to react.

    That day I had to shoot her with my fathers 30-06 rifle.

    My brother had to be taken to the hospital, but was OK. That night the family had venison, everyone but me.

    So I think that I know a little about wild animals. Even a wild animal that has spent years with humans is untrustworthy and dangerous. Imagine one that has never seen a human. These poor hippie children have no idea what they are in for.

    Now I have to wonder will it even work? Most well trained hunters know not to pull the trigger until they have a clear sight of the target. Much like a marine the hunters motto is “one shot, one kill”. Because as soon as the animal is shot it will run deep into the brush unless the first shot is a kill shot. I would imagine that many hunters with a clear shot and a good scope would not be fooled by the hippie ruse.

    And lets be honest here. Hunters are usually not the most well cultured people. How will they react to this liberal hippie anti-hunting threat? I imagine there will be lots of beaten up hippies in the woods of Georgia. I can easily see hangings in and around Calhoun, Ga. Forget the blacks, even decent white folk don’t go there.

    Welcome to Calhoun Georgia. Population…about to be one less.

    With the economy the way it is and with so many people out of work I am sure more people will be taking to hunting this year as a way to supplement their food. I think this is a recipe for disaster all the way around. What do you think?

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