• PLUR Is the Raver Acronym for Pressure Lusting Until Release

    August 4, 2011 9:41 pm 56 comments
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    Mike Watson


    EDM Trance Induced Acid Dayglow Panties Drop PartyLas Vegas, Nevada – Tragedy befell 493 hopeful college students at UNLV last year after drummed and bassed EDM ‘legend’ DJ Quaalude threw the 24th EDM Trance Induced Acid Dayglow Panties Drop Party, now commonly and more simply called ‘skittles parties’ on the raver scene. The parties are simple in destruction: everyone brings a handful of pills and throws them in a community basket, then eats a handful of ‘skittles’ others have brought. Over 54 unwanted pregnancies and 48 counts of either alcohol, cocaine or worse marijuana overdoses were reported at the event secretly held to seduce freshman orientees into lustful situations.

    Ravers. They are a delusional people who pose a great threat to the immortal innocence and fate of your child’s soul. The stats and deception surrounding this bizarre cult culture of America are terrifying and dangerous to our naive college children. For every one seasoned raver, 6 freshmen will experience a painful backside attack. It matters not their gender nor color: it’s more violent than an electron visciously deflowering an electrophilic Lewis Acid, the residues of combustion making chemist Satan yelp in the most empassioned growls satisfied glee, his laboratory drug pit, a Raver EDM Festival, being filled with college chicks whose vivacious bodies and untouched curves explode with drug-laced photonic fluorescent paints:

    From – The Dangers of Rave Clubs

    “Raves” or all-night dance parties continue to attract teens and young adults who think Ecstasy, GHB, Rohypnol, and other club drugs are harmless. This is not true. While researchers continue to study club drugs with a sense of urgency, treatment and prevention strategies are being developed. And the bottom line is simple: even experimenting with club drugs is an unpredictable and dangerous thing to do.

    The National Resource Center

    As you can see, the quantum mechanics behind all the bright lights and chemistry drug pits are raves are masterminded by Satan himself, his lieutenants being the talentless Audacity ‘pros’ who produce his music and call themselves DJs.  Ravers claim peace and love and unity and respect, much a lie like how DC or Marvel uses the word ‘children’s comics’ to describe books that have scenes like this and even this.

    The Rave scene is a death metal mosh pit of disease and death.  63% of ravers end up addicted to magic mint by contact highs, the most recent victim being the talented scene girl Amy Winehouse, who got caught up into the raver culture and paid the ultimate price in untimely fashion.

    Perhaps the most troubling aspect of these ‘raver EDM parties’ is what PLUR really stands for across the globe.  As mentioned, PLUR does not stand for peace, love, unity, respect.  These are lies masterminded by dangerous  DnB (drummed and bassed) producers like Papa Skittles and DJ Quaalude, who changed his name to Devil Bionic in the early aughts, to throw parents off the musty, gap-legged scent of their raver daughters and sin baby-making sons.

    Click Upon Image to View/Share Full-sized Educational Poster

    “Much as seen with How to Spot a ‘M’ Child, a trick passed down to parents who may have children ravers is the Bedsheet Protocol.  When your child is away, steal into their room and go to their bed, pull back the covers and deeply thrust your nose into the bedsheets and mattress.  The smell of sinful residues — alcohol, body funk and perhaps even taints of magic-mint musked paint will poison your nose and race your heart — do panic and immediately track your child down.  If they are caught with such sheets, they are either engaged in “M”ing themselves or worse, secretly attending ravers and at risk of prostitution, drug use or worse.  Immediately enroll them in counseling and have them screened for psychiatric issues and drug use.”  –Amber Cooper, LCSW, and Stephenson Billings, P.I, Christian Parenting Weekly:  How to Tell if your Teenaged Child Needs Counseling

    The image above shows a glimpse into a Skittle’s party. At these EDM sponsored events, there is a code of silence among the seasoned veterans. They spot out new attendees and give them illicit substances that will make their morals and sinholes more pliable. Tyson Bowers III first revealed the horror of PLUR in the masterpiece What Is A Raver, and apparently in response, the Raver Community has tried to rebrand PLUR once again in secret but we have discovered what it is all about: phallic release.

    The drugs these ravers take in make them volatile in the groin region and when you add the fact that Satan’s evil can be heard buzzing throughout the electric pulse of their ‘tunes’, it’s easy to undestand why these events lead to 36% higher chance of forced pregnancy for the women who attend.

    That is Pressure Lusting Until Release in a nutshell: gyrating in rhythmic backside fashion of raver chicks who wear Sin Snacks or imitation clothing. It is a sick, inside joke the “musicians” and elders of this cult community laugh about over Clamato and coked lines.

    Parents, whatever the kids are calling it, it’s all dangerous: EDM, DnB, Raver CockTail Parties, or Moby’s Dick Fests, it’s all about rampant homosexuality, exploitation of the seduced innocent and finally criminal release of drugs and sexual passion. It’s very terrifying and your hearts must be racing. Is your son or daughter really out at the movies tonight, or attending one of these electric death fests?

    If you catch your college child being defiant and insisting on attending one of these events, tell them that you will cut off their financial support and force them to drop out of college if they go. This will usually slap them back into reality and they will naturally cry. As tears stream down their naive faces, tell them it is for their own good and they will thank you when they find themselves not dying in three years from an aggressive herpies rendering or worse AIDS from all the drug pokes and flesh pokes that are so prevalent at these Sodom Fests.

    Remember, there is nothing peaceful about PLUR. There is nothing musical or talented in the electronica world. And most importantly, remember Satan’s favorite food is the fluffed innocent of your college child’s pure soul, so don’t let him slither himself into their minds and bodies, spitting his devil’s DNA deep within them until they are a meth-addicted raver scene kid, just like all the littlea angry brats who continually buy into and contribute to this dangerous pagan cult music community.

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