• Ray William Johnson is evil

    August 12, 2011 9:45 pm 29 comments
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  • This is it fellow believers. Today I come to you with horrifying news, Another internet threat is approaching your children. The satinic ideals of one Ray William Johnson. 47% of his viewers are chronic mastrubators. The others are homosexual. Those who have not been turned are Bi curious. How many hours a day does your child spend alone with a computer? All it takes is five minutes to be converted to this satanic cult known as “=3”. At the end of every show viewers answer a “comment question of the day” posed by another viewer. Frequently about things revolving around murder and premarital sex. He also frequently posts videos about kittens which have been proven to be related to satan. Which is firm proof he is possesed by satan. As you read this very article he could be posting a video your child put up of him or herself making it wide know. With this access the entire three million viewers he has, half of which are perverts, are viewing your child. Tracking their I.P address and preparing to attack your child. Whether they are at school, home, or a friends house, your children could easily find access to this horrific Ray William Johnson’s videos. Youtube is currently funding his videos, yes you read that correctly, they are paying him to exploit your children! First World of Warcraft, Facebook, and now even YouTube! Save your precious childs soul before they sin too greatly, YouTube is the next generation of Satanism!

    He often implys his obvious homosexuality, and encourages it internationally through his Youtube page!

    I cannot express my love for everything that is Christian, and my worries for your children are honest.

    So allow me to exlaborate further with the following paragraph. The following is a series of quotes that are greatly associated with Ray William Johnson.

    I ask you to prepare yourself before reading these, because if your child uses them, they are most likely a “=3” subscriber.

    “Suprise butt secks!”

    And “Any Whore”

    Just to further assist you in finding out if your child is a “=3” viewer, here are some of the episodes names.

    “Optimus Crane”

    “Kick his @$$”

    “Elephants Touch Me”

    Please Protect Your Children from this menace, and Godbless.

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