• Reptilian Alien Plot to Consume Nude Middle Aged Woman Blurs the Crazy Line

    August 3, 2011 3:19 pm 13 comments
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  • In my hometown, we had our very own village crazy lady. It was always a little thrilling to spot her in the grocers, usually with her little Pomeranian ‘Popper’. She was the addled wife of a former district congressional representative and was given a free pass to all sorts of socially creative behaviors not afforded the general public.

    The last time I saw her she was dressed in a mini dress, or it may have just been a long tunic, dress boots, carrying her dog, and had a single brush curler dangling like a hair bow on one side of her head. The dog under her arm was yapping madly. She had tried to drive off in someone else’s vehicle at the post office. Like others that day, I watched and listened. Apparently there was some disagreement as to the validity of her actions and how that might play into the statues for involuntary mental assessment. She did receive help after that.

    A friend shared the video below that reminds us we are surrounded by people that invent their own realities. Some will label the ‘stars’ of these videos as profiteers or attention seekers. Others will shake their head and mutter ‘crazy’ or make references to bat guano. In the end, our perceptions of what is a functioning adult become blurred. Those that really need assistance are overlooked or worse.

    Five Fullerton, California, police officers were recently suspended after beating mentally-disabled homeless man to death. Liberal shill witnesses report that during Katrina, an officer of the peace stomped a mentally disabled man as he lay dying. Our Vice President who is not Dick Cheney calls patriotic tea party Americans ‘terrorists’. When will the hate and violence of the Liberal jackboot end? Officers sworn to protect and serve are put down as criminals, yet our own illegally appointed leaders walk away from tyranny against true patriots calling them terrorist. It is crazy!

    Listen and learn to spot the liberal message of this woman. She portends the end is nigh and that rich white men are reptilian conquerors bent on devouring naked middle aged women. Her plea is to be famous. She wants to be on Oprah and other liberal shows like Coast to Coast. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and blurs the crazy line. Her message is one of hate for the savior of our economy and America – the rich white conservative man.

    They just don’t make crazy ladies like they used to.


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