• Ron Paul: “There Should Be No Federal Response to Hurricanes”

    August 28, 2011 1:57 pm 15 comments
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  • The brilliant Dr. No, Ron Paul, could not resist the opportunity to spread his antiquated notions of feudalism and anarchy as Hurricane Irene comes to a standstill.

    As Hurricane Irene has already claimed 15 lives and will surely cost millions due to flooding in lower Manhattan alone, it is shocking that people like Ron Paul can exist and say that our nation does not need to be prepared for potential national crises.  Has Dr. No already forgotten about the horrors of Hurricane Katrina, an entire community devestated while the US did not have adequate response?

    If President Bush had not set in motion better preparedness for hurricanes and Irene was as potent as Katrina, would Ron Paul take this opportunity to grandstand?

    “We should be like 1900, we should be like 1940, 1950, 1960,” argued the Texas congressman in a statement against the need for federal disaster response.   Ron Paul feels organizations like FEMA are a “great contribution to deficit financing. – Ron Paul”

    While we are at it, Mr. Congressman, why not bring back good ol’ Jim Crowe and untreated water. How about let’s do away with that military and the federal Constitution while we are at it. I’m sure that if the National Guard weren’t around to enforce anti-segregation laws on states during the 1950s, we’d still be one big ol’ happy US family.

    The fact of the matter is Ron Paul is delusional. Dissolving the federal government would leave the US splintered, in a state-of-conflict brokering between Civil War tensions and European feudalism. Without a central authority, powerful businesses and individuals would simply take law into their own hands. Working class people would become almost a peasant class. There would be a balance of class warfare, oligopolies as currently seen in post-communist Russia and generally, a loss of the way of traditional American life.

    In efforts to curb the spending and habits of the federal, it’s important as true GOP members that we remember that we are a union of states under one law. And that one law must be strong and authoritative over the states in some matters, or things will get ugly, very fast.

    Liberals like Ron Paul because he is a quack. President Obama will have a free ride to the White House victory celebration in 2012 if a man like Ron Paul is actually allowed a national audience and the GOP or third-party nomination.  For this reason, we must continue to expose the lunacy of rhetoric that involves destruction of the federal government.

    People like Ron Paul and the TEA party are destroying America just as much as the liberals.  They have all these crazy theories and ideas that have failed in the past and will fail in the future.  The TEA party is largely to blame for America’s fall in credit rating and the kooky spook politics of Ron Paul would have us looking like a busted Russian federation within several weeks of implementation.

    We must restore America to a nation that follows logic.  We must restore America to a country that practices Reaganomics.  We must again become a reserved powerhouse that speaks softly, yet carries a big stick.  America is at its best when exploring space and feeling patriotic during the Olympics, crushing our enemies on the ice and on sporting courts.  We are best when we use competition to drive our military and science innovation, as seen during the Cold War.

    America must save money be removing our forces from foreign countries.  Why are we being so foolish, Ron Paul, and acting like the Russians in the late 80s?  Russia went broke from trying to fight in Afghanistan.  The terrorists have nothing better to do than sit in sand hovels, making sporadic 15 rupee attacks that cost $500 billion dollars to thwart.  Are they worth it?  Ask the Russian people who were forced to stand in soup lines during the late 80s.

    The best starting point for America saving itself is to listen to our first president, George Washington.

    A man of reason and logic, George Washington realized that the federal government must be powerful but not entrenched in monarchy.  He also realized a greater truth:  America must not be infatuated with involvement in foreign wars and accruing great debt during times of peace.

    “Avoiding likewise the accumulation of debt, not only by shunning occasions of expense, but by vigorous exertions in time of peace to discharge the debts which unavoidable wars have occasioned, not ungenerously throwing upon posterity the burthen whic”

    The war in Afghanistan has become avoidable.  Nazis are not goosestepping and we can monitor terrorists from afar.  We can firebomb and ransack any of their cities, but the cost of policing these nations is becoming far too high.  America must withdraw our armies and let our show of force be our technology, or information and our way of life.  The time has come for America to reassert upon the world with the authority of leadership through prosperity and innovation.

    Knuckleheads like Ron Paul are failing to realize that restoring America does not mean gutting America.  To balance our economy, we need to not tilt at windmills.  Any Sancho could tell that sage wisdom to Don Quixote.

    We must fight our battles and balance our budget, smartly.  It all starts with Congressional leaders who get paid too much.  People who work short 3 day weeks and only several months a year do not get six figure salaries.  People who fail to balance a budget that generates trillions of dollars annually get fired or forgit their salaries.  It is really simple and a great start. Will Dr. No sign up for that?

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