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    August 15, 2011 10:02 pm 169 comments
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  • Little did I know that months ago when I wrote emosexuals that I had barley touched the surface of what it is to be an emosexual. We all assumed that Emos were kids that dyed their hair, put holes in their faces, listened to crappy music, and occasionally cut theirselves. Now I know that it is so much more. Music groups inspired by dark demonic forces are tempting our children and leading them down paths to evil. Anyone that doubts this can look at the comments on the Falling On Reverse of Black Veal Brides articles. You can also see it on Christwire facebook page. The emosexual children are disturbed. Every time I read a comment from them I wonder about the teachers and ministers. Where are they? Have they failed these children? But ultimately it is the parents that have failed these children. It is the parents responsibility to be parents not friends.

    Does this boy’s parents know that he is posting pictures like this? Do they even care? I am so sad about this countries future.

    I knew the Black Veal Brides article would touch emo nerves as the Falling On reverse article was very controversial and I already head death threats before I even decided to write it. But Friday the article exploded and Emosexuals had taken over my facebook fan page and the walls of Christwires facebook page. Saturday emos in the Atlanta area found my phone number and started calling my house all day. Saturday night there was a fire at the Atlanta Christwire office. Police and Fire Marshall’s are still inspecting it but suspect arson, as I do. Sunday there were emos outside of my church that were shouting rude insults and throwing things. And today I suffered multiple cyber attacks.

    My family worried for my safety and have asked me to leave town. Personally I did not want to bow to any emosexual children that wear face paint and are more likely to cut theirselves than others. But I decided to take a couple of the older grand kids with me. We are going to load up the Cherokee SRT8 and visit family. During this time I will take the time to show them the wonderful south that I love so much. I will also be reporting on christian and conservative values and events as I encounter them on my trip.

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