• Skweez Couture, Helping Fat, Sloven Women Manipulate Men

    August 11, 2011 5:46 am 24 comments
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  • One of the greatest woes of married life is the growing hips of the wife.  Never forget this sage adage, my friends, for it is true.

    It is best to remain single and enjoy the succulent fruits of God’s creation, fresh, because as with any other thing that sits for too long, the flesh of a woman will wither, rot and mush over time.  Who really wants that?

    There is a new company called Skweez Couture that is helping grotesque women feel better about their nasty condition.  While even the ravaged frame of a woman tarnished with womb expansion during pregnancy can be fixed with a strong regimine of diet and exercise, today we have a culture that is pandering to the ’emotional needs’ of these fat women.  This is destroying our society and it is destroying marriages.

    Only months ago, esteemed ChristWire author Derek Van Buren covered the topic of Facebook Feedie Fetishes, a rogue group that encourages women to become burlesque seductresses behind the backs of their loyal husbands.  It was shocking to learn, but 4 out of every 9 women on Facebook have been encouraged by ‘boyfriends’ from the past that their fattening frame was actually somehow attractive.

    While any sensible person would see straight through these schemes, women are fickle and lusty little vixens.  They will betray a husband for a one night stand, using their wordy, pedantic logic to somehow make it right in their sick, twisted and hell-bound female minds.  This is why we must fear and bally-hoo companies like Skweez Couture.

    If you ever watch the show Dangerous Housewives, you’ll see actress Terri Hatcher and her friends show off impossibly voloptuous curves, taunting and teasing the eyes as it causes their bodies to teem with explosive, popping perfection.  But it is all an illusion, a slight of eye that not even David Copperfield could master.

    Through some sort of comic-book calibre science, we are having the mammalian ludicrosities of elder women enhanced to look like a buxome Swedish milkmaid running nude on the most frigid Antartican night. The sciences employed by Skweez Couture are responsible for allowing these new women called ‘cougars’, those naughty-brimmed female professors who prey on their innocent college students and such, to accost our future doctors and lawyers with confusing, authoritative temptuous flirtations that are scarring our boys for life.

    The college boys watch these professors and other females in position of authority flaunt around them, blurring power that no young woman usually has with a seemingly perfect build. Confused and exhausted, these new men to the workplace and collegiate classroom submit to the aggressive female, only to find that in the moment of most lurid lust that flabs of flesh shall emerge from all the science-crafted clothing, revealing adipose rolls that leave their hopes and desires all but shamed and impotent.

    Between these Skweez Couture cougars and vajazzling sorority girls, it’s no wonder that now 65% of all people in college are women, while only 35% are men who have somehow avoided the wily temptations of these seemingly sumptuous middle-aged women and their equally manipulative college-aged daughters.

    Within the last two generation of America’s women, there has been something greatly wrong. These are not the women of our 1950s generation, wanting a nice, chaste family and a warm dinner to nourish their families. Typically one would think feminism would be to blame for women losing their religion and duty to conservative morality, but instead today the culprit is simply modern media.

    Women are becoming little prostitutes for Satan and revel in the sugar-plummed delights of Bacchus caliber harlotry. This skweez coutured clothing culture is producing offspring and labeling it in Juicy Couture clothing? What chance do the youngest future men of America, our toddlers and young, bright-eyed kids in the nursery, have of standing strong in light of girls being taught it’s okay to be a little filth peddling toddler in tiaras.

    The modern-aged women are all disgusting, in body, ethics and attitude my friends. It is next to impossible to come by a true God-send these days. If it’s not their post pregnancy-laden physique that’s torturing you, it’s instead women trying to lure you in by flaunting their bodies, modified or not, so they can make you into a sugar-daddy to exploit.

    Beware, men, for the road to estrogen is laced with gossip, loss of reputation and destruction of your financial security. Beware these gap legged harpies and be especially aware of any woman over 30 who’s claiming to still have a hot body. Either she’s got Michael Jackson’s doctor or she’s illegally squeezing and manipulating her flesh to trick you and ruin your life when the lights of reality expose her true flab unto you. Beware my friends, and keep charge.

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