• The Devil’s Wear Prada: Wolves in Sheep Clothing

    August 3, 2011 10:55 pm 121 comments
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  • The bible warns us of wolves in sheep’s clothing. These wolves are dirty sinful perverts who pretend to be good innocent people but yet are just wearing a disguise so that they can pretend to be our friends. But they’re true goal is to lead us down the wrong road to temptation and finally damnation. These demons in disguise are much like little red riding hood and furries.

    After I published my last article on Falling In Reverse, I received lots of feedback. Many parents and youth wrote me on facebook and the Twitters to tell me how much they enjoyed the article and that they will be sure to stay clear of that band. Sure there were lots angry emo kids who posted very rude and even threatening comments. This type of behavior just goes to show me how evil this Pop Punk Emo Rock is. Many of the youth told me to listen to other bands as they were even worse. So I did.

    I am here today to tell you about one of these bands. They are a furry wolf in sheep’s clothing looking to liquidate the soul of your children. By day they wear the mask of a family friendly christian band, but at night they put on the evil devils makeup, black dyed hair, tattoos and piercings of an evil satanic sodomite looking to ravage your child’s dilly dally anal sodomy hole. This disaster of the musical apocalypse is called The Devil’s Wear Prada.

    Not to be confused with the softcore film from a few years back, this is a band. They were formed in 2005 and come from Dayton, Ohio, which is known for its association with aviation and it’s massive satanic cults. It is made up of 6 members who claim to be Christians. But these perverts have put out three full-length albums, one DVD, one EP, and five music videos, that say otherwise.

    They take their name from the novel, The Devil Wears Prada. Which is about a young girl, that has recently graduated from college, and is hired as a secretary for a fashion magazine editor, she struggles to keep up with her evil bosses demands as well as her unwanted lesbian advances. In the end the girl relents to lesbionic Sappho desires and becomes successful in the fashion world. What kind of message is that for a supposed christian band to deliver?

    Christian tattoos? I think not.

    Chris Ruby of the band admits how dark and sinister their music is, “The Zombie EP was intentionally the heaviest music we could write. We wanted it to be the darkest music we could write; the heaviest, the fastest”.

    Normally I would recommend adults and parents not purchase the records and cassettes of this band but the band has taken to the internet where they encourage children to download their music.

    “It’s very prestigious to be playing Download, let alone main stage. It’s just subtle achievements like this that we’ll remember. The EP hit #10 when it came out in the charts back in the States, which was definitely incredible. Having a top ten release, especially with it being an EP and being metal; that’s something pretty big for us.”

    Many articles on christwire have talked about the evils of nerd, and gaming culture. You would think that a christian band would not participate or even urge fans into this vile past time, but you would be wrong.

    I play Lord Of The Rings Online — like, eight hours a day. I don’t really sleep because of that game. It’s kind of like World of Warcraft, but Lord Of The Rings-based, and it’s awesome! This goes to anybody reading this interview: If you have any free gold, free money, or items, I will gladly accept! I am on the SILVERLODE server. Contact me via Myspace!

    Myspace? I am over 80, and I don’t even think anyone even uses myspace!

    World of Warcraft leads to witchcraft

    So let’s take a look at some of their music. Not surprisingly they have a song named “Swords Dragons And Diet Coke” which is about playing their WoW spin off Lord of the Rings game, as is their song “The Gauntlet Of Solitude“. Another song is “Don’t Dink and Drance” where they try to sell teens on underage drinking. They did a wrap song called “still fly” about selling drugs and shooting police officers. Another song is “Spongebob Grindpants” which is geared toward small kids. Click on that link. Does that sound appropriate for children? I don’t think it is appropriate for anyone.

    In the end it is all about sex, drugs, and rock & roll. So you have to ask yourself is this what you want your children listening to?

    Soon your daughters will fall like satan’s whores as well.

    As usual, if you love your country please protect it from these dangers, and keep a keen Christian eye on Christwire.org! Have a comment? We would love to hear from you! Please post below.

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