• Website “Japanese360” Plans To Teach Asian-Communist Language To Our Young White Children.

    August 10, 2011 2:22 pm 22 comments
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  • The website Japanese360 (http://japanese360.org/index.php) is planning to offer podcasts to spread Satan’s filth to our good, old, American-Christian youth. How do they plan to do this?
    They’re teaching the communist language we all know of as “Japanese”.

    For all of you concerned parents and teachers, this must be stopped. We can not allow this filth, and clearly homosexual site to corrupt, and permanently damage our children’s innocent conscience.  For instance, the owner of the site [named “Akihiko”] has been proven to be a closeted homosexual, and a Allah worshiper. Now, don’t get me wrong; Islam is not the CORRECT and RIGHT religion (we all know our loving Father, and Creator Jehovah to be so), but as logn as they feel closure, and stop bombing our buildings, they can do whatever they want.

    Moving back on to this horrible debauchery of a website lying about educating out well-taught youth, keep your children and everyone you are about away from the site; it is clear from the logo it is subliminal advertisement that the person who made the logo for the aforementioned site fantasizes about having multiple foreign objects, and kamikaze jets rammed deeply within his rectum. And if you look closely at the middle Satanic Rune in their logo, you shall see an inverted cross, which shows their allegiance with Satan. Not to mention, the name “Japanese360” could also be “japanese666.org! Why? Because three 6’s together = 666.  STAY AWAY.

    Look closely at the middle Satanic Rune . . .

    Sites like this are the cause of our Father God’s wrath by smiting the heathens in Japan for worshiping an obese, naked, and clearly sexually-confused man. He is also a false god in which the bible warned us not to do in the 10 Commandments (see Exodus 20:2–17 for reference (Thou shalt not place any other god before me)).

    I hope the users on this site are happy knowing they are a part of the thousands of deaths in Japan via the earthquake that was set by our God for people like them.

    Thank you ChristWire, and this is John Christwing signing out.

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