• Why Are Liberals So Hateful?

    August 11, 2011 3:58 pm 24 comments
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    One of G-D’s greatest gifts to humanity is something called free will. It means we have to actively seek the Lord out, and let his love cover us completely. It also means that there we always be a minority of people who will never except Jesus into their hearts. These people, the ones who are damned, are known as liberals.

    Liberals by their very nature hate G-D because they think they’re the center of the universe, and admitting that there is something more powerful then themselves would destroy their fragile world view. It would also mean that they’d have to live up to the high moral standards we Christians set for ourselves. It would mean they’d have to stop whoring, and queering. That’s something they are unwilling to do. Liberals think they know what’s right for everyone, and they seek to impose this twisted ideology on us all. They live unholy empty unfulfilled lives and are bitter and cynical about everything.

    (Afro-Gay Gang Members)

    You can trace the moral decay in our world directly to the rise of The Atheistic Marxist Liberalism movement. It’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of researched fact. Where ever liberals go, trouble follows, in the form of crime, drug use and homogayness. There isn’t a single example of a place where the Liberal element hasn’t rooted itself in, and destroyed it.

    And these Liberals love to get them young. They love to recruit young people to the Gay lifestyle. Gays are the worst type of Liberal and the fastest growing group. More and more liberals are choosing to live a life of sin as Gay everyday. The Gay Wave is the militant wing of the Liberal movement. All Liberals are anti-G-D, but it’s the Gay Wave that not only deny G-D but defy his will by giving in to those animal urges that we all have, but that all REAL Christians reject as sick and evil. It’s the Gay Wave that we see on our TV screens every night of the week. More and more Gays are being featured in our entertainment, and it’s making it easier for them to recruit.

    Deep down, it’s a constant battle for us to control those dark impulses, and lustful evil tendencies, I know I’m not alone here. It’d be really easy for us all to give into these Satanic feelings to taste the forbidden fruit, but it’s FORBIDDEN! That’s why we accept and acknowledge G-D aand his son Jesus as the true and only Lord, and the light of the way out of the darkness. That’s why Liberals are so evil, they reject those truths, and give in to the Homogayness inside their soulless hearts.

    It can almost make a Christian question why G-D gave us free will in the first place. I’m sure the world would be a better place if we could just impose the Christian way on everyone. Unfortunately we can’t, because of free will.

    We fight a battle against a powerful enemy, the HomoLiberals. They have control of the WHITEhouse, and the Senate. Not only that but they control the media thanks to the help of their Judeo-Liberal counterparts in Hollywood. They have poisoned the public school system with quotas and affirmative action, and they pollute the children’s minds with talk of evolution and tolerance training. I’m very tolerant, and I can teach my two adopted teenage sons all about who we should tolerate, and who is dangerous, I don’t need some union loving state school commie lesbian to do it. That’s why I homeschool, and why you should too. If you want to ensure that your children don’t grow up to be leftist HomoLiberals then it’s an absolute must.

    (Do You Really Want This Lesbo-Sinner Teaching Your Children How And What To Read?)

    It’s hard for me, being the adopted single father of two beautiful asian teenage CHRISTIAN boys, having to take care of their needs all alone. When I brought them home from Laos three years ago, I knew it’d be a struggle to teach them English so they could read the word of G-D, and raise them the right way. The world is dangerous, so I keep them at home until they can become men who can love G-D, and live the Christian Way! I don’t want them being exposed to the internet or the HomoLiberal agenda.

    Liberals hate everything about you. They envy your faith, while they reject it. They use sarcasm to mask the pain they feel from living a life without G-D’s love. They will tell you everything you know is a lie, even though we know it’s true because we have the word of G-D to back it up. They pervert science to try and explain why they don’t believe in G-D. All the while trying to recruit your children to a life of sin and gay lust.

    I wish everyone could be a Christian, because it’s the way G-D wants it. Because we’re the most kind and open minded people, and because I don’t want to think of that minority of people who live their empty sinful lives, knowing that they will burn in hell for it. Christians are the most accepting people on Earth, we allow people who are living the wrong way, repent and be saved by Jesus’ love.

    (A Hipster Gay Ironically Hugging a Lesbian)

    Still there are those Liberals who would reject this wonderful gift, and hate everything that is good about the world. I have pondered the mystery of why Liberals are so hateful, and I guess it just comes down to it being a reaction to the lack of love they feel in their empty sinful hearts. They become gay because they are looking for something to fill the void, but it’s not anal love you lack, it’s G-D’s love. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and have every Homo-Liberal sinner struck down by the Almighty’s powerful sword, it would be a glorious use of his powers. Eventually every Liberal will become a Gay, and then they will eventually be gone because they can’t have children. I fear I will never see that glorious day when the last Gay Liberal is gone and the rapture happens. I know in my heart that day is coming though, and it gives me solice.

    Until then we as Christians must perserveer and deal with all the hate we get from the HomoLiberals. Do what I do, if you see one, try to convert it. If that doesn’t work, walk away my friends, before they try to convert you.

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