• Why I hate this religion.

    August 28, 2011 2:34 pm 28 comments
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    You know what? I really don’t understand how you can all call yourselves “good” people. To me, religion is blasphemy. It’s forced upon everyone and that whole thing about loving everyone no matter what is a bullshit lie. You obviously don’t love everyone; gays, people who actually want to have fun in life, and anyone who isn’t part of your religion. Does that really sound like a group of good people do you? It sure doesn’t to me. Why do you hate people for speaking their minds?

    For believing in something more than rules and hatred like you all do? I’m sure this is going to get me sent to hell but at least think rationally. What if you were gay or a sinner? Would you really want to try to live up to the standards of a group that hates you? And why are you protesting concerts?!?!

    The bands you hate and/or protest (All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, etc.) are all great. The reason I finally had my eyes open to all this religious stupidity was through those bands. They write music from the heart, they don’t tell you what’s write and wrong. They write about love, standing for what you believing, accepting others and having fun.

    And don’t hate people who wear dark make-up, colorful hair, black clothes or listen to bands who scream. That’s called SELF EXPRESSION. Something none of you know nothing about since you’re forced to live the same lives.

    I’ve been through some bad times, (My grandma having lung cancer and lymphoma, parents divorced, and various other things) and NONE of those got fixed through a miracle worker in the sky. You give people false hope, when truth is everything happens through chance and science (which is being grounded thanks to religion). If believing in yourself, standing up for what you believe, having fun, and accepting everyone no matter what race, gender, sexual preference, or beliefs that have is wrong; then don’t bother trying to save my soul, I’d rather go to hell (if it exists) then spend one moment of my life being part of this hatred based cult. Good day and f*ck you all

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