• WWE: Gayer than we could ever imagine!

    August 8, 2011 5:34 pm 125 comments
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    I’m a frequent reader of Christwire, and earlier this year I saw an article that sent shivers down my spine. It was entitled, “Is World Wrestling Entertainment Full Of Gays?”. As a child I was a fan of pro wrestling like everyone was at the time, but I grew out of it as I got older of course. When my own adopted children showed an interest in the WWE, I didn’t think twice about it, after all it was perfectly wholesome entertainment for me thirty years ago. Well after I read the article, I stopped my children from watching, just to be safe, but I did something else, so that I could keep everyone else’s children safe as well. I watched it with an singular tenacity, with hopes of getting the the bottom of this whole issue.

    The champion and figurehead of the WWE is a man called John Cena, and I can tell you without question, Mr. Cena is at the forefront of a Gay Wave of fresh new attractive young homosexuals, bent on pushing the Gay Agenda on children.

    Cena’s ‘Finishing Move’ called, “The Five Knuckle Shuffle”, simulates masturbation, and followed up by a move he calls the “F.U.” which stands for “Fornicate You”. After this he lays upon his grounded groggy opposition, and shouts “You Can’t See Me!”, they can’t see him because he’s simulating anal rape. His fans shout for him to do another move called, “The Cena Suck”, but I guess even the WWE and Gay Superstars like Cena know that there are some limits to the depravity. Recently John Cena posted a fully nude image of himself on his twitter account.

    Clearly he’s proud of his tight muscular chest and veiny well defined arms, but that’s no excuse to expose this pornography to the public, especially his younger male fans who look to Cena for guidance.

    Cena’s #1 enemy is a man called “Semen Punk”, This guy is covered in tattoos, which as we all know are only worn by Saliors and those in the Gay Counterculture movement. Mr. Punk says he’s “The Best In The World”, sorry Mr. Punk, but Jesus is the Best In The World, and G-D is his father.

    With these two examples of depravity and degrading of the moral fiber of the nation, I could just stop watching, safe in the knowledge that I may have saved some innocent child from being exposed to the WWE and the Liberals who run it. But I will push on in my battle against the Gay Power Elite, and their version of sports, the WWE.

    I’ve noticed many other Gay “superstars” on the WWE roster, among them Kane, we all know about another Cain, but this one may be even worse, not even hiding his homosexuality, he calls himself “The Big Red Monster”, which we all know is slang for a fully engorged penis. Other offenders include Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger, who both has a pronounced lisps, which is a telltale sign of gayness. Rhodes’ own Brother is a transvestite who calls itself “Goldust”.

    There is hope, one wrestler stands out as a beacon of hope among the filth, and that man calls himself “The Christian”. I hope he’s a sign of things to come but I fear that one man can’t fight the Gay Tide as it rises.

    I will continue to wage this battle against the Gay Agenda being pushed on our children by WWE. Safely away from my childrens’ impressional eyes, locked away in my bedroom. Not because I want to, but because I have to, even if it saves one child from being recruited to a life of being a Gay, that’s worth it to me.

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