• 10 Reasons God Hates Mark Zuckerberg

    September 21, 2011 4:44 pm 96 comments
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  • Last night before I went to bed I decided to check my facebook account, and it seems that little demonic imp Mark Zuckerberg was up to it again. Making changes and perverting things from their natural order. I was very annoyed.

    As I awoke this morning I again checked my facebook page. It is a morning chore. I answer any prayer requests, answer any questions, read fan mail, answer the many friend requests, delete hate mail, and of course check the Christwire facebook feed for new articles. But many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ were very upset today.

    The changes that Mark Suckerburg and his Indian, computer science, facebook cronies, have made have incensed not only America but the world! The WORLD hates him. And so does God! Zuckerberg has angered everyone! We hate him and God hates him too. I am sure many of the reasons God hates him is the same as you, let’s review them.

    10 Reasons God Hates Mark Zuckerberg:

    “This is how I am going to ruin things next week.”

    1: He is a Murderer

    Many of my facebook friends will remember the recent 2011 Labor Day Massacre. That Friday, I noticed that I had lost several friends. I just assumed I had been unfriended as many emo’s like to add me as a friend, then cuss at me and then unfriend me. Soon I realized that I had lost over 30 friends, I was soon refriended by one of them. Her account had been deleted. No one at facebook told her why. She just was.

    Soon many other people realized that they had lost friends. I created a facebook event over the extended weekend and many people “attended” it. One fellow said that he had lost over 200 friends. One of those that we lost was our own Sister Blanche Beecham. Why would they delete such good people?

    This is nothing new, people for some time have complained about accounts just being deleted for no reason. The deletions of real people are “often automated and can be easily triggered by a user filing a report on an account, regardless of whether or not the report is legitimate.“

    When Facebook disables an account, whether it is for unconfirmed reasons or whatever, it is impossible to reinstate the account, because of lack of real person support. Facebook has disabled user accounts for having names deemed to be fake despite being real. I have ran into this problem myself. When I joined facebook they would not let me register with my God Given name Susan B. Xenu. It seems that my unfortunate last name is not a real name, I beg to differ.


    It is no secret that with a name like Zuckerberg, he was born Jewish. But he has chosen in life to label himself as an Atheist. We all know that Atheists are vile little perverted people void of morals and decency. He has even encourage the fad of atheists posting a red “A” over their profile picture to label themselves as proud atheists. When I was a kid the scarlet letter was something to be properly ashamed of and hidden. Now Zuckerberg and his god hating friends post it in the open!

    A few months ago he and his little web site started blocking links to Christwire.org. As Christwire authors we could not even post our own links to our articles. Brother Bowers had to contact them and after his fiery message of stern condemnation unto those sinners we were once again able to post and share links. It was a great triumph for the power of christwire.

    Barry Schnitt, a spokesman for Facebook, has said, “We want Facebook to be a place where ideas, even controversial ideas, can be discussed.” But other news writers have noticed that when it comes to facebooks archiving of groups, disproportionately more “liberal” groups have been able to upgrade than “conservative” groups, leading to accusations of potential political bias, or of politically-motivated censorship of conservative groups”.

    3: UnAmerican

    Blocking good christian websites, and deleting people is wrong, so is censorship. We have the great Freedom of Speech in this country. Ruining peoples lives and being pro European or terrorist nations is UnAmerican and he should be ashamed. Even worse is that he quit college. What kind of example is that for the youth? But even more alarming is that he has long been involved romantically with a Chinese foreign national. Is he giving Americas secrets to the Yellow Scourge?

    4: He is a Jerk

    Even the writer of the movie “The Social Network” admits that parts of it are made up. But much of the jerk that we see in that movie really is who Suckerberg is.

    In May 2011, emails were sent to journalists and bloggers complaining about Google’s privacy policies. But it was later learned that the anti-Google campaign, was conducted by PR company Burson-Marsteller for Facebook. CNN called this “a new level of skullduggery”. Of course this was as Google was introducing Google+, a competitor for Zuckerbags creation.

    Facebook has no live support, which those that have had issues, are well aware of. Even worse Facebook’s search function keeps people from searching for certain terms, They have even tried to keep you for searching the very word “privacy“! On May 21, 2010, Facebook disabled the account KNOI a Sulphur Springs, Texas radio station that posted editorial comments critical of Facebook’s privacy policies and shared links to articles about a persons decision to delete his own Facebook account.

    Is there any doubt that he is a little vile sodomite?

    5: Changes Things

    God is a good creator. He created a great thing and left it alone. In 6,000 years it has been unchanged and that is the way we like it. On the other hand Mark Zuckerjerk is an idiot. He created something and keeps ruining it. Once we get used to his previous changes he goes and screws around with it, confusing and angering the world. He even brags about it “it’s OK to break things” “to make them better.” He says.

    God’s gift to us, unchanged for 6,000 years.

    6: He is Uber Rich

    Jesus Christ himself tells us that “it is harder for a rich man to get to heaven then it is for him to walk through the eye of a needle.” Capitalism is a great American invention but the love of money is a great evil. And when it comes to monetary evil Zuckerburg has $13.5 billion dollars of it. There is a reason they call it dirty filthy rich, and there is a reason I call him a dirty filthy sodomite.

    7: Protects Himself But Not You

    He has repeatedly sued people for disagreeing with him and annoying him. He has shut down people’s accounts for no reason. But he keeps all of your information forever (for what? Black male?).

    *Facebook launched Beacon, a system where third-party websites could include a script by Facebook on their sites, and use it to send information about the actions of Facebook users on their site to Facebook, prompting serious privacy concerns. Information such as purchases made and games played were published in the user’s news feed.

    *The Facebook privacy policy once stated, “We may use information about you that we collect from other sources, including but not limited to newspapers and Internet sources such as blogs, instant messaging services and other users of Facebook, to supplement your profile.”

    * two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students were able to download, over 70,000 Facebook profiles from four schools as part of a research project on Facebook privacy published in 2005.

    *third party applications used to have access to almost all user information.

    * It used to be impossible to delete your account. Now Facebook gives you options to deactivate or delete their accounts, according to the Facebook Privacy Policy. “When you deactivate an account, no user will be able to see it, but it will not be deleted. We save your profile information (connections, photos, etc.) in case you later decide to reactivate your account. When you delete an account, it is permanently deleted from Facebook.”

    It is this disrespect for our privacy and property that online hacker group Anonymous has announced that they will bring the site down by Thanksgiving. When I first heard this I was angry that a group would commit such a terror act. But now I see it differently. Someone has to teach Zuckerbutt a lesson. He certainly doesn’t seem to care what we think.

    8: Color Blind

    It is well known that God afflicts those he does not like with disease and other disorders. Zuckerberg is not immune to God’s mighty vengeance and smiting. He is red-green color blind and sees blue best. That is why facebook is blue. But he is also rather creepy looking. As one of my friends wrote me “His face is wildly symmetrical, to the point that I find it disturbing.”

    “Hey guy’s that’s not fair!”

    9: Individuality

    God made us all different (don’t get all excited Gays we still know he didn’t make you that way) and wants us to be individuals. He wants us to express ourselves (no emo’s he does not want you to paint your face like circus clowns or be tattooed freaks) but there is no way to express yourself in face book. Everyone looks like everyone else. You can not changed the colors. You are locked into Blue because Zuckeridiot wants it that way. On face book you must conform!

    10: Because We Hate Him

    Zuckerjerk is hated by millions of people. Our dislike of him is known by God and he is Omni-potent and Omni-present. Which means he sees all and knows all. He has a list and he will check it twice and he will not let a Jewish Atheist God and America hating jerk bag into his wonderful estate of Heaven.

    Please comment below and tell us why you hate Mark Zuckerberg!

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