• 7 Things Barack Obama And Hitler Have In Common

    September 3, 2011 9:30 pm 122 comments
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    Both are/were angry speakers

    Hitler was angry at the Jews, Mr. Obama, however, is angry at the Anglo-Christian Republican Right in this country. He got Glenn Beck fired simply because he was a white guy. I’ll bet that when Hitler started he got some guy fired for being a Jew. That’s how it starts. The next thing you know the decent people in this country will all be herded into one of those FEMA camps Bush built for the terrorists.

    Both come from a questionable background

    Barack Obama’s mom was probably a lesbian, and a little known historical fact is that Hitlers’ mom probably was too. Both leaders were birthed out of wedlock and as the Bible and a quick look around an anti-abortion protest will quickly tell you, most single moms are also liberal lesbians. Being raised by lesbians, neither one of them could love Jesus. Hitler turned to the evil pagan gods and Obama embraced Mohammad.

    Shady Propaganda

    While Hitler blamed all of Germany’s problems on the Jewish, Barack Obama is doing the same thing with the Republican congress. He no doubt also blames good Christians for not letting Muslims walk the streets unwatched. If he had his way he would have closed down our decent and humane terrorist jails in Cuba and let Al Quida loose scott-free in the middle of Time Square. A suspiciously Hitler-like thing to do…

    Both like to go to war with other countries

    Hitler invaded Poland and Europe turns their heads. Barrack Obama invades Afghanistan and the same thing happens. I sense a pattern here. Everyone thought Hitler was done when he took Poland and everyone believes the same about Mr. Obama, but what happens when he decides to take Libya, or Turkey, or Iran? What’s to stop him from taking the entire world? Definitely not the Democrats.

    Hitler tried to socialize medicine as well

    Under a fascist system the government controls the health care you are allowed to receive. Obama is trying to do the very same thing. Adopting Nazi ideals, just like Europe has. Socialized health care was a direct product of Hitlers invading armies. It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama had Germany as a model in mind while he is trying to drive our great Physicians out of work and into the poorhouse. Don’t take my word for it though, just wait until you got a first year med student preforming your triple bypass…

    Both used racial propaganda to get elected

    While Hitler used his white European propaganda, Obama used Afro Saxon American propaganda. Hitler idolized Wagner, who was a German artist, Obama did the same thing with Jay Zee, who is an Afro Saxon artist. They both played the race card to get into office. Hitler claimed it was the Jews who were keeping him down while Obama lays the blame for that on the white man. They are practically the same person when it comes to running a campaign.

    Both have a somewhat checkered criminal past

    Hitler spent time in prison for his crimes, while Obama got away with drug use by his own admission. Europe during the 30’s and 40’s is what happens when you let criminals take hold of power. The only reason we haven’t invaded our good neighbors to the north is because Muslims want deserts, not mountains. Mexico, however, can be offered no such condolences if Obama is elected for another term.

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