• Africans Invent Killer Phone Number: Millions Panic

    September 15, 2011 3:28 pm 34 comments
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  • Millions of telephone users in Nigeria were yesterday inundated with calls and short messages warning them to beware of strange numbers which they alleged either kills or harms the receiver of calls originating from them.

    Friends and relatives from far and wide either called or sent short messages warning about the strange five-digit telephone numbers.

    Some of the short messages read:

    “Pls, be careful in receiving calls especially new numbers. Over ten people lost their lives in Wukari LGA, Adamawa State today in answering calls. These are the numbers 09141. pass it 2 others to save lives.”

    “Don’t pick dis number 09141. it’s an outbreak nd urgent cos 7 has been confirmed dead. Plz tell ur family n ordas arnd u.” Another of the “killer numbers” is 09541.

    Reuben Muoka, spokesman of telecoms sector regulatory agency, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said he had also received the message warning him to beware of picking calls from certain numbers.

    “If it is possible, terrorists will no longer dare risk their lives, wearing bombs around their bodies to wreak havoc on their targets. They will only need to get people’s phone numbers, then call and it is finished.”

    Africa is a dark and terrible place, it is full if Dictators, Ebola, AIDS, and Foot Funguses. Americans are encouraged to avoid the continent at all costs.


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