• Amazing Video: Bystanders in Logan, Utah, Lift Car to Save Pinnned Motorcyclist

    September 13, 2011 6:23 pm 3 comments
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  • A daring, fiery rescue was caught on tape Monday.

    Local reports from Logan, Utah, reveal a car hit a motocycle in inside the city. From the force of impact, the bike immediately went down and slid under the car, trapping the rider as flames shot out from the wreckage.

    The dramatic scene was caught on tape by Utah State University graduate student Chris Garff, whose video footage is now making international news headlines. Garff happened to be in the area of the accident with his camera when the event unfolded and caught everything on tape.

    At first, as the the car was aflame and the driver was pinned underneath, up to 6 brave people approached the site and attempted to lift the car. Onlookers cheered them on, hoping the best for the person trapped beneath the blazing BMW that struck him.

    “We were cheering them on, like ‘Get that car up! Get that guy outta there!” Garff reported. But with six people, the car was still too heavy. Seeing that there was no hope for six people to lift the car, more people from the crowd swarmed in and in an amazing act of humanity, were able to lift the car off the ground on one side.

    A construction worker seized the opportunity to grab the injured man by the leg and drag him from beneath the car. While moving a crash victim is not always recommended, in this dire situation it was the only way to ensure the man was not enveloped by flames or caught in a potential explosion from gasoline caubustion.

    While the mayor of Logan has asked the people from the crowd to step forward and make themselves known, so they can be recognized for the heroes that they are, the motorcycle man was rushed to a local ER at a hospital where he’s survived and is currently being treated for a broken collar bone and burn injuries.

    Officials estimate the car weighed in at nearly 4,000 pounds. The act of the crowd is amazing. Says Garff of the individuals, “Absolutely, these Good Samaritans are heroes.”

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