• America Would Thrive Again if America’s Youths Weren’t so Lazy and Arrogant

    September 24, 2011 1:05 pm 207 comments
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  • This nation is quickly sliding into the dustbin of history and it’s about time we address the root of the problem. Our young people should have taken up the mantle of responsibility, righteousness and professionalism long ago. But they failed. They failed beyond our worst panicked expectations. There is no such thing as a work ethic in this country today. Drugs and sloth, socialistic rebellion and sexual experimentation are epidemic from coast to teeming coast. We have indulged the youth generation’s irresponsibility to such an incredible extent that we must now wonder if they are completely, irrevocably incompetent.

    A recent report from the New York Times found that young people could not name a moral quandary they had faced in their lives if asked. In fact, they are truly oblivious of the idea of morality and sacred sacrifice altogether. From pre-schoolers to 30-year olds, our children are far too consumed by consumer culture. They spend their hours on Facebook or wandering our streets like zombies with their earphones plugged in to block out any hint of reality. They’re on their cellphones continuously, jamming our frequencies with their nonsensical selfish chatter. Somehow they imagine themselves to be great citizens while turning a blind eye to the immense moral decline of the United States of America.

    stephenson billings on youth and workThis outrageous mindset comes from unrealistic fantasies pushed on them by television and a corrupt celebrity culture. They all dream of becoming famous for being famous. They want to be Kardashians, Taylor Lautners or Lady Gagas. Hard work? No, of course not. To achieve their fame and fortune, they record themselves on Youtube parading around in bathing suits or partying out all night, fueled by the alcohol or the drugs that ethnic groups smuggle into this country every hour of every day.

    In times past, we had real heroes: Joe Namath, Gregory Peck or General Eisenhower to name a few. They were famous for actually doing something great with their lives. Every time I open up my email I have thirty notes for erotic enhancements and scandalous naked photographs. That’s the career path these kids plan out today and I cannot comprehend how any decent parent could let this happen in their own family.

    stephenson billings on youth and work

    Our educational system, which ranks next to that of third-world countries like Mexico, is surely to blame. We don’t teach children to learn facts, faith or patriotism. We don’t even punish them for failure. Educators are either coddling their kids or else introducing them to radical lifestyle choices. We don’t seem to teach arithmetic and English anymore. Reading any young person’s cellphone texts, it’s not hard to encounter the pathetic results.

    College is seen as a time to roll out the beer kegs and dance naked in Toga wraps with other muscled young men. The worst forms of sexual congress ensue; young girls on boys, boys on boys and girls on girls are expected fare. And there is usually someone filming all the disgusting action. Maybe it will become an arthouse project for a “Media Studies” class. No doubt your average pedophile professor will hand such a student an A+ for the sodomistic close-ups and the well-lit exchanges of tacky fluids.

    After graduation, careers are not contemplated. Liberal university systems have made these children so arrogant, actual hard labor feels beneath them. Remember, they dream of becoming millionaires for that blog or bawdy photo taken at some inner city disco. This is why we see the trends of hipsters, hippies, homosexuals and other groups so popular right now among children under thirty. They forget that their parents started off at the bottom. We worked long hours in manufacturing plants and construction sites, hardware shops and diner restaurants. We made cheap rubber boots in the factories of the industrial revolution. We weren’t afraid to fight in wars when justice demanded it of us. We invented the television and the internet and launched gigantic new business frontiers that once kept this nation on the forefront.

    Drive down any Main Street today and you’ll see plenty of jobs advertised at your local McDonalds or Walmart. The don’t receive many résumés from your average American 20-somethings.

    As human beings, there is something horribly amiss with our youngsters. They’re fearless when it comes to being frauds and thieves but there is not one iota of ethical stamina amongst them. They’re spoiled, angry misfits, arrogant beyond belief. In previous generations a strong-willed Dad could have solved that problem with a swift kick to the behind. But with Father Obama spoiling them, offering half a trillion dollars to socialize the job market, they expect free health care and a corner office to update their Twitter profiles.

    stephenson billings on youth and work

    Their arrogance extends to the highly sexualized images they willfully feed the public via the internet. Girls want to wear bikinis or maybe just a bedsheet as they stream themselves lives across the globe. Boys rarely wear shirts these days, let alone appropriate slacks. This skinny jean fad is disturbingly effeminate, highlighting the groin with lustful braggadocio. They want every friend (female or male) to know the exact length and girth of their organs. Tight gym shorts or even jockstraps are normal attire. They flex and preen in front of their cameras, shaving chest hair to maintain a pre-pubescent innocence. A hundred thousand online predators thank them for their impudence.

    Is it any surprise the youth generation wholly embraces the street riots and socialism of Obama’s party? Is it any surprise they want to make marijuana and homosexual marriage legal? The mature amongst us still cling to our hopes. We express our wisdom and distribute critical blueprints for America’s future with a profound Christian vision, yet they have zero respect for our authority and experience. Can we save these children? We must keep trying. Of course, the first step must happen at home at the hands of courageous parents. We must introduce them to Jesus Christ our Savior and do it now! They must form a personal relationship with the God who sent His only Son down to this very earth to die for THEIR SINS!

    The only alternative is that our youth will learn hard work and discipline under the Islamicists or Chinese quietly readying themselves to dominate what’s left of this nation. Unfortunately, God is not a part of their pagan plans.

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