• An Angry Hatemail from the Black Veiled Brides Fans

    September 25, 2011 10:00 pm 53 comments
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    Quoc T.

    The Black Veiled Brides came out swinging today, sending an email to the Holymailbox that slammed our message of trust, justice and American wisdom for the unsaved world. Values, morality and conservatism were not prime principles for Vlad Tepes and it is not much surprise his descendants abhor the same mores. Here is the message.  Note that somehow, young men in college are earning “Es” and “Ds”.  Where on Earth is E a grade?


    Hello. We are extremely offended by your vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic comments on your vile website. You are prejudiced against so many groups of people, that we have to break this email into sections. Thanks a lot. (Note the sarcasm.)


    Prejudice Against Females

    We find your primitive views on the status of woman insulting and degrading. As women, we believe we can do anything a man can do. You can’t name  a single thing that a man can do that a women can’t. Even professional sports. Men, as well as women can excell at them. But because of the biased, sexist minds of the people in this trash heap of a world, women are paid less than men and fade into the background in most professions. However, boys make up 70% of the E’s and D’s while in school.

    “My friends, it is up to men to be strong and take a stand. God created man first, because we are the leaders of all life on Earth. A woman is from our bodies, and as a result, every woman on Earth innately desires for men to give her firm guidance in knowing right from wrong in life.”

    – Your website, “Men Are Better Than Women”

    First of all, men are not leaders of all life on Earth. Women can decide to stop having children at any time. Then the human species would become extinct. Secondly,  we don’t need any man to tell us right from wrong. We know on our own that your statements are crap.

    In other words, we hate you.


    Prejudice Against Emos and Goths

    As emos and goths we find your comments against us highly offensive as the emo and goth culture is centered around the idea of being who you are in spite of what others might say. We find that the fact that you would suggest that scantily clad preps is better than a goth or an emo being who they truly are is pathetic and hypocritical and should not be accepted on a supposedly “Christian” website. We also find your comment that emos and goths dress exactly alike to be ill-infomed and wrong in general. Emos and goths dress according to how we see the world: in a darker light. You should also not judge an emo, goth or any other person before actually knowing what it is that they are experiancing. If you do not know how it feels to be a cutter the you should not judge those who are. You should also not be so stereotyped as to judge emos by stating that we are “constantly crying in dark corners.” Any person can cry for any reason they feel fit, also your comments which seem to suggest that emos and goths are “spoiled and whiney” are false. (most emos and goth don’t shop at prep stores such as Hollister) And when you call the people in the pictrures that you used in one of your artiicles “specimens” and “creatures.” I was shocked by how you described the people because after all they are just that: people and no matter how we dress or what type of music we listen to we are your fellow human beings and just because we are different that doesn’t give you the right to look down on us as human because of our differences.


    Prejudice Against Gays And Lesbians

    We find your comments about gays and lesbians to be disgusting and just stupid in general.  I am going to refer to a love quote, “Love is love.” It doesn’t matter if it is heterosexual love, gay love, or lesbian love. You should want your fellow human beings to be happy and find love, no matter who it is with.  We find your articles to be enforcing many stereotypes and to just be disgusting. If God really hates gay people and enforces violence and hatred towards them, we aren’t sure we want to worship that God at all.


    Prejudice against Non-Caucasian races

    My colleague and I are are appalled by the many references in your articles that are against any race unless that race is caucasion. You often refer to caucasions as “normal” and we have to ask how you figure this to be the “normal race”? You seem to have somethina against every race and you wrote an  article stating that “black people are monkeys” and that “African-American women are ibnsubordinate and mean”. You have also sickeningly twisted the story of Rosa Parks by stating that a “polite old man” asked if he could sit nest to her on a bus. Everyone knows that in that time period he wold not have “politely asked to sit next to her” he would have demanded that she move and he would never want to sit near an African American person. The fact that you  said that African Americans are “hotheaded” arrogant and have a lesser brain capacity than that of other races is both insulting and wrong. You also seemed to suggest that Haitians deserved to be violently killed off in the millions by a horrible natural disaster and that they deserve to live in tents and drink unhealthy water and starve. As a human you should not wish that upon ANYONE.


     Predjudice against Music

    Black Veil Brides

    As die hard Black Veil Brides fans and members of the BVB army we were seriously pissed off at the fact that you not only spelled VEIL and BEIRSACK wrong but that you also fabricated band members. The black Veil Brdies are NOT “emo pop” they are post hard-core heavy metal. They do not encourage sex, drugs or the worship of Satan, their lyrics are actually quite positive and uplifting. They provide a sense of belonging and glorify accepting yourself and being who you are. I also find that your comments about how they look like girls are stupid considering that they have no womanly features and are obviously male. When you said that they were “spawned from the evil loins of Ohio” were you saying that all Ohians aer evil?  You said that they  “met at a coven blood letting meeting” where did you get that? Andy Beirsack was abused at a Christain school as a child because of his differences and they were all ridiculed and humiliated as children for being induviduial. The Black Veil Brdies are a BEYOND AMAZING band that has brought meaning and hope into the lives of countless people and has saved lives as part of that. We are a BVB family and that will never change.


    Johnny Cash

    As Johnny Cash fans, we are deeply angered that you say that Johnny Cash inspired Screamo and then you deliberately insulted the emo and goth culture. Yes, Johnny Cash did do drugs and he was a rebel, as well as the original outlaw, but that is a personal choice and you have no right to judge and say that Johnny Cash and screamo music will lead “brainwashed” children down a path straight to Hell. So how about you all stop hating and just get a life.


    Witches and Cats

    The article you have on your website about witches is completloy fabricated. It encouragees witch trials. Witch trials are unnecessart and stupid and the only thing that happens in them is that innocent people are killed. You are also prejudice against people with black and red hair. In this article you also say that educated women are most likely witches. The only reason that you say this is because an educated woman will put her knowledge to good use. You also say that cats are “evil beings possesed by Satan”. You also say that lesbians and gays are likely canidates for being involved in witchcraft. This is HIGHLY untrue.




    A Closing Note

    “New Religion”

    Welcome to your life
    We have got you in our sights
    And thoughts of God are better left alone
    It’s in your head black and blue

    What they told you wasn’t true
    Come along and fight the unknown
    The army’s grown

    We’ll pray to all the wrong decisions, Woah oh oh
    This time you’ll show all that you can be, Woah oh oh
    Grab your weapons now, we’ll run against the crowd
    And changing history

    So, let’s take the vow
    We will show you how
    Your time has come for the new religion
    Your voice is proud

    Be your saviour now
    The battles won for the new religion

    No one can defeat what the congregation speaks
    Bound together the flag that we defend
    They made a fool out of you
    But you knew just what to do

    Raise your fists up and stand until the end

    We’ll pray to all the wrong decisions, Woah oh oh
    This time you’ll show all that you can be, Woah oh oh
    Grab your weapons now, we’ll run against the crowd
    And changing history

    So, let’s take the vow
    We will show you how
    Your time has come for the new religion
    Your voice is proud

    Be your saviour now
    The battles won for the new religion

    Come now and imagine with me
    Taking back a world that once was ours
    Let’s regain the power
    And then we will end what we’ve begun

    Let’s take the vow
    We will show you how
    Your time has come for the new religion
    Your voice is proud

    Be your saviour now
    The battles won for the new religion

    We are the unholy
    We are the bastard sons of your media culture
    Our minds, eyes and bodies were born of your exclusion
    And illusion you hide behind

    You don’t love a God, you love your comfort
    To you were are filth, we are dirty, so be it
    We are dirty and unclean, a congregation of the unseen
    Together we will set this world on fire

    This is the new religion

    -Black Veil Brides

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