• Are the Numbers Killing People?

    September 15, 2011 9:54 pm 14 comments
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    Numbers of Evil
    The 3-6’s

    The numbers 9-11-don’t mean much to many people other than they are the numbers of telephone emergency services – and of course the date when two towers in New York City were destroyed by sabotage with an 01 on the end of the date. However, as a life-long targeted individual who has been manipulated by the numbers, 91101 means 3-6’s (adding up the 1’s and turning the 9 upside down).

    Preposterous, you might think. Listen on.

    The 3-6’s have plagued my early life.

    The 3-6’s, as most people are aware, correspond to the mark of a beast in the Book of the Revelation in the Holy Bible (Revelation13: 11-18). And this beast deceives the world.

    Little did I know someone in this world was causing it. (By the way, the number 6 in the Bible normally means something short of completeness, because there are seven days in a week, seven decades of blessed life, and seven day periods of consecration, purification, and feasting in the Old Testament.

    I did not suspect being a target of some CIA operative torture and control behavior programs, but after continual attempts on my life and strange occurrences that hindered my progress, I began to research the MKUltra program, which was established in 1953, and found there are 36,000 subjects. (One I believe, was my innocent Indian mother, who was implanted with microchips in 1973 and mentally tortured the rest of her life.)

    The common number 6 added up in my life: dad leaving me when I was 6; mother becoming remarried when I was 12; we moved into a house with the address of 1536; the military occupational specialty number assigned to me was 36K20; the first house I lived in after getting married was 6156; and they assigned me a telephone number of 461-6466. My externally manipulated separation from my wife occurred on 6/12/86. And the list goes on and on. When I was assigned a debit card personal identification number, it was 6264.

    Other victims report the commonality of 4’s and 2’s throughout their life.

    Listen people. As a victim of non-consensual experimentation and electromagnetic targeting torture in the U.S, computer programs are instigating mind control programs and causing manipulation of the human nervous system and physical disease. They must be eliminated along with the antennas and components complimenting them. The operators of these programs must be jailed.

    People are dying every day without knowing just what is happening to them. When the frequencies target an unsuspecting individual with murderous and violent thoughts and gruesome images, tragic killings are taking place. (Become familiar with the optimum health frequencies of Schumann’s resonance.) Look at the numbers of the mass killings and you will see 3-6’s written all over them: ages, addresses, route numbers, time, etc . . . .

    Just as I finished writing this opinion at home and came back to edit, a news flash on television reported 36 Russian hockey players died in a plane crash, on an airplane with a model number Yak-42.

    The numbers came together, and in my opinion, have caused another mass killing by the terrorists. They murder people with computers, direct energy, and targeting.

    It’s time for these targeting systems to be searched out and destroyed, for many people are losing their life and others are suffering.

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