• Barack Obama, John Edwards Continue Public Displays of Kissing Homosexuality (Photos)

    September 30, 2011 7:38 am 24 comments
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  • We’ve long detailed Obama’s latent homosexuality, from racy chest exposures on Hawaii’s hedonistic beaches to playing tongue hockey with Biden right before the 2009 inauguration gala event.

    But with his popularity sagging in recent months, Obama has grown desperate. Like an old, wounded wildebeast cornered by hungry cats in the heats of Africa, Obama is desperate. He knows the death knell of his campaign is nigh and the fresh, spry Rick Perry and Herman Cain are on the presidential prowl. Old Kenya knows that his popularity wanes with the jobless African-American community and America’s Christians who are now recognizing this Muslim fraud.

    There is sadly, however, one fickle, mindless voting group who Obama can control: the gays. The gays are mindless and selfish, not caring who they have to bend over with forceful bigotry to get their agenda points enacted into law. Gays are going to vote for whoever is showing flamboyancy and there has been talk that Obama will drop Biden in 2012. Who will be his new running mate?

    This was the scene last night during the Democratic fundraising events in Washington.  Look at the faux-shock on Michelle Obama’s face, as the ‘special guest’ of the night, John Edwards, plays mush mouth with Magic Kenya.  They are on a magic carpet ride of homosexuality and Obama’s genie lamp will sparkle once shined by this sicko Democrat!

    That means they are having a public homosexual tryst.  What’s even worse is that we know Edwards is in league with the Bill Clintons and JFKs of the world:  no morality or loyalty.  So now we see Obama is cheating and even Oprah is in on it.  Expect to see the left-wing liberal whore media machine try to spin this story as positive, as progress for America.

    How can homosexuality represent progress?  It stands against the grain of nature.  If two men lay with one another, why is it that a child will never spring from their loins?  If two dabble-down lesbians decide to play laissez-nasty with each other down below, why is it that no offspring will be witnessed 9 months later?

    My friends, the gays have an agenda to ruin America.  They want us all to believe in gay marriage and gay adoption, even though these things are guaranteed to ruin this great society.  Gay lifestyles only lead to disease, empty wombs and wasted resources.  The fact that Obama is catering to these social degenerates shows his desperation.  It is time to take America back for normal families.

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