• Breaking News: Andy Beersack Dead, Video of Gruesome Death

    September 13, 2011 12:27 am 133 comments
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  • It is being reported that the singer for the band Black Veal Brides has finally been called home by his demonic master, departing this earth for his eternity in hell.

    Today Emosexual band Black Veal Brides were playing at their latest concert in a mall food court when possessed be a noxious combination of Satan, sodomy, and drugs, Andy Beersack climbed the wall and tried to jump back on stage to finish his set of evil demonic music set before a food court full of possessed teens. Beersack missed the stage and cracked his head into a wall. He then tumbled down unto the floor 15 feet below. As his lifeless body laid there limp managers, roadies, and groupies ran to his side to say their last goodbyes and to share a last moment with him. This is all filmed by fans in the audience and you can see that a large mall security guard that is wearing a suit and obviously not with the emo rockers, keeps people from filming the moment.

    Video of the incident can be seen here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE3As0-60xQ

    In the video you can see the initial horrendous impact that knocks him to the floor and then you can see his leg fall to the floor as he exhales his last breath…next step hell. I am afraid this is were we will see many more emos before this satanic music fad is all over.

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