• BREAKING NEWS: Andy Beersack Leaves Facebook, ChrisTwire Anti-Emosexual Push To Much

    September 18, 2011 6:25 pm 50 comments
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  • BREAKING NEWS: Andy Beersack Leaves Facebook, ChrisTwire Anti-Emosexual Push To Much For The Emo Gran Master To Take! BIG WIN FOR AMERICA!

    I have recieved unconfirmed reports that Andy Beersack (aka Andy 6) leader of the terrorist emosexual music group Black Veal Brides has closed his official Facebook page. This information came to me today from a spy that I have working in the Emo underground. She reports:
    ” I just found out that the lead girl in BVB closed down his real fan page bc he was getting made fun of so much and I guess it hurt his feelings…the REAL Andy Six shut HIS REAL page down bc too many people were dogging on him from all the Christwire articles…..but yep the REAL Andy SIX page was deactivated due to nasty comments..TOO FUNNY!!! That is definitely a WIN!!!”

    Indeed it is. This is a huge win for my growing “Society For The Prevention of Emosexuals”. Many of you will remember that I bravely continued my fight against the growing army of evil emosexual children in this country. I did this after countless death threats against my life and the lives of Christwire founders Tyson Bowers III and Jack Gould. But this is a fight that we have to win for the future of our country and the future of our children. Already an entire generation has been lost to this devil emos scourge. How many more children will we lose before the satanic forces behind the emosexual movement realize that we will never give up. This is a war, and just like Vietnam and Iraq we wont stop until we are victorious!

    If you would like to help join the fight, please continue to visit ChrisTwire and join my recently formed organization, “Society For The Prevention of Emosexuals” you can learn more by clicking the blue text link.

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