• BRING ME THE HORIZON: An Emosexual Terror Attack

    September 11, 2011 4:12 am 127 comments
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  • Holy War:

    Sometimes as Gods chosen people we have to take a stand against pure evil. This is what our nation did 10 years ago today. We wiped our tears, said goodbye to our 3,000+ loved ones that were lost. And we picked up our armor and our sword and we took the battle to the terrorists. We found them in their huts and we found them in their caves. We slaughtered them and the sands ran red with their evil blood. With the help of Jesus Christ’s mighty hand we taught them not to attack us in our country.

    This is the same thing that we did almost 70 years ago when the dreaded yellow Jap scourge attacked out beloved vacation place of Hawaii. We sent our boys (and my dearly departed husband and 2 of my brothers) to Iwo Jima, where they raised out proud flag on the mountain. But only after they gutted and bayoneted every yellow devil on that island. We didn’t stop there. We took our war to Germany and helped save millions of Jews. Not because we had to but because it was right.

    We sent him back to hell, where he came from.

    Now we have to do the same. There are countless Satan controlled emosexual bands that are destroying the souls of our children. Children are our future. But what kind of future will it be when whiny boys that dress like girls and wear makeup are our first line of defense? We must fight the emos, not for us…but for our future. For the children.

    Hope Is Just Over The Horizon:

    My young friend that brought the first emo band Falling On Reverse to my attention has brought a new band of emo sound thug soul assassins for me to investigate. They are known as “Bring Me The Horizon”.

    Typical emo: tattooed freak weirdo.

    Many of you know that I am no fan of England. They are a sinful little island nation of perverts and Wicca sorcerers. Their only national export is sin. And this band is one of their latest sin exports.

    They were who formed in 2004, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England by the masterful sin potters hands of Satan himself. Their name supposedly comes from the gay porn movie Butt Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Pearl Necklace. At the end of which Cap’n Jackoff Sparrow says “Arrr.. Bring me that horizon, and swab me poop deck”. Taking a name from gay porn should be the first sign that this is not a band for children nor anyone else.

    The band is composed of Oil Sykes, Neil Whitey, Tom and Matt Nicholls. Before they formed this band they had failed as hip hop wrap group known as “Womb 2 Da Tomb”. Wrap music is owned my blacks and they do not take kindly to English white boys trying to do it. With death threats from the London African underground they decided to try emo rock music. Under their new genre they soon released the “Bedroom Sessions” demo in the same year. Bedroom Sessions was very popular with the flaming London homosexual underground and they soon started on their first real record.

    In 2006, the band signed to a new homogay underground label known as Thirty Days of Night Records. They released their debut record This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For . Which was soon followed by “Count Your Blessings’.

    So far they do not sound so bad. That is what they want you to think. As parents and adults it is your job to keep bad things out of the hands of your children. You are much more likely to allow them to have a cassette or CD titled “Count Your Blessings” then a more properly titled “Count Your Homogay Butt Sex Partners”.

    I count four.

    It is at this point that their true agenda becomes much more apparent. After gaining thousands of record sales and a fan base they knew that they could come out of the closet about their true satanic evil doer nature. Their next album which was titled “Suicide Sessions” which was soon followed up by “There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret”.

    What a truly disturbing title!

    When “Suicide Season” was release it was promoted by using the phrase “September is Suicide Season”. What a horrible advertisement. The National Christian Coalition For Emosexual Suicide Prevention Council (NCCFESPC) reports that teen suicide rates increase 20 fold in September 2008 with the release of the album. The fallout was so much that guitarist Curtis Ward left the band and was replaced by a Austrian guitarist known as Jona Weinhofen. Refusing to give into popular sentiment the band further insulted Gods gift of LIFE by releasing, in November 2009 a remixed Dub Step version of “Suicide Season”, titled “Suicide Season: Cut Up!”.

    Ur’ ine Trouble:

    Earlier this year they started a European tour, with Parkway Drive and Architects as main support bands; with The Devil Wears Prada and Dubstep group Tek-one . Everyone knows about the evil that comes from any dub step encounter with Satan. If you are hearing this evil music then illegal drugs can not be to far away.

    While on tour in the England singer Oil Sykes urinated upon a female fan after a show in Nottingham Rock City, and Sykes was charged with urinating on the female teen fan. Bring Me The Horizon were then banned from the city. Not since R. Kelly has a singer been so sinfully brazen as to pee on a fan. What kind of show of respect for then is that? More importantly what kind of human does that to another human?


    Watch Out he will pee on you.

    …an EMOSEXUAL…that is the kind.

    Screams From Hell:

    I decided to look up the lyrics for some of the bands songs. The first one that I found was a horrible nightmare of a song called “For Stevie Wonder’s Eyes Only (Braille)” I was utterly horrified by the lyrics (link here). As disturbing as the verbal imagery is, listening to it is even worse (link here). It is no wonder how a teen child could be possessed by the demonic tones of a incubus screeching these horrible words:

    I’ll take your hope,
    I’ll take your f**king dreams,
    I’ll take your love,
    I’ll take everything you f**king b**ch,

    I’ll steal the diamonds from your eyes,
    I’ll turn your promises into lies,
    I’ll steal the diamonds from your eyes,
    I’ll turn your promises into lies,

    It’s 3:18, mouth tastes like the corpse of every pregnant teen,
    The hours are days, the days are dead,
    I feel infected by your presence, you speak in tongues,
    I smell the lies dancing on your blackened lungs,

    I hear the fear in your voice, but you shouldn’t feel a thing,
    Your life’s already worse than any pain that I could bring,

    Why would they be so racist as to insult the famous Black and Blind man?

    I think I am going to have nightmares tonight from hearing that song. Although I fear for my life I do not fear for my soul, for I know that I am strong in Christ. This music demon shall not take me back to his hellish abode.

    Normally for an 81 year old I have a quite strong bladder, but just to be on the safe side I went and got a fresh Depends, before I ventured unto the information super high way for more sinful smut to infect my ears with.

    My next discovery was a song perversely entitled “Tell Christian Slater Not To Wash His D**k”. I assumed that it would be a sickening song about at best, poor physical hygiene or worse, Depraved sex acts. I was wrong it was about suicide. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that a band with a song and album about an entire season devoted to suicide would be sick.

    You’ve got a mouth like a razor-blade. It cuts so deep.
    So kiss my wrists, my neck and give me eternal sleep…
    …So line my throat with lipstick and leave my blood for flies.
    I’ll gurgle the blues under a sea of lies.
    Before you take me to sea, let me kiss the bride.
    Now take my body to the shore and ill wait for the tide.

    At this point I was feeling pity for the poor emo children that listen to this demonic trash and then act out. Of course they act out. They are possessed by the devils in this music. I have learned to feel sympathy for these poor possessed devil children but will never stop fighting evil music and Emosexuality.

    I looked at other songs, their latest album includes songs such as “Crucify Me” (mocking Jesus), “F**K” (about depraved fornicative sex acts ), and “Blessed With a Curse (Satan worship). I was taken in by a song with the seemingly innocent title “The Fox and the Wolf”. I read the lyrics and soon found that it was about witchcraft:

    “But now it’s a circle, all of the time
    Well, it’s a one man cult and he’s serving his line
    It’s a “Lust For Life” but it’s a lifeless wine
    He kissed her hand and then he found out her name,
    It’s Death and now he can’t seem to wake”

    Keep It in Your Pants

    MTV reports that the band is “fronted by a tattooed clothing designer”. That’s right. A fairy, and I am not talking about the kind that has wings and waves a magic wand around. I am talking homogay sodomizers that wave wangs around. No self respecting man…straight man…knows anything about fashion or design. That is why married men need women to dress them. The singer is a satanic anus pounder. This can not be denied.

    He likes to be bent over.

    In fact fans of a English band Known as Machine Head are mad that this band is going to be performing with their beloved band. There is a lot of controversy but guitarist Lee Malia says insultingly: “You’re always going to get someone who hates you. The fact that you can piss someone off by doing pretty much nothing is funny to us. We’ll just go and annoy people.”

    Just say NO to EMO

    Lets not forget that this band loves to piss people off, almost as much as they love pissing on them. How many young girls have to be victimized by the warm flowing filth of these men’s bladders before the worlds stands up and says…

    NO MORE!!!!!!

    This is what they think of us, America.

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