• Call Of Duty: Black Ops Causes Youth Violence And Should Be Banned

    September 5, 2011 9:36 pm 49 comments
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  • The award winning team of journalists here at Christwire have recently uncovered a scandal in suburban white neighborhoods. A video game for the gay Playstation console with the racist name “Black Ops” has been teaching young children how to do Columbine-like activities right under the noses of good parents all over America.

    It’s shocking, but during the course of gameplay children are taught how to violently murder people with no remorse. But it is the multi-player aspect of the game that encourages the most sinful behavior. In this version players must work together in homogay oriented groups with no other aim than senseless violence against one another. Jesus does not teach this in Sunday School for a reason; it is bad.

    Video games have long been known to be a scurvy to our great land, ever since the first Atari was shipped over from communist China. It was oringinaly part of a cold war plan to make us lazy so the godless commie reds would have an easier time invading. When the Soviet union fell, China picked up the torch and used their shody Asian connections to move playstations on us under false stamps of ‘made in Japan”.

    Which of course has us losing in an invasion because all our young soldiers will not kill the enemy but seperate into homogay teams and instead kill each other. Because they were taught that by this game black operations game. Satan wants this to happen because he loves the Chinese. Jesus loves America. Jesus doesn’t want this to happen. Jesus hates Playstation.

    And Jesus hates people who play, or let their children play, these types of games and will not let them into heaven. Especially the Call of Duty series, which does nothing but glorify Nazis, and especially this version of it, which does the same thing with communism. Your chldren may be playing these very games right now because we have a liberal President who does nothing about threats to our childrens safety as he is too busy giving fancy speeches and flying in big airplanes on the taxpayer’s dollar.

    If you are a parent and find your child in possession of this game, taking it away from him may cause him to go into a rage. It’s basically a drug like heroin. It may be good to lock them in their room with only a bible for a couple of days. Especially if you have a daughter, as she could already be pregnant because of this game.

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