• Caught In Pictures: The Moment Rick Perry Threatened Ron Paul

    September 9, 2011 4:51 pm 25 comments
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  • Pictures Show Perry Physically Intimidating Ron Paul 156369

    The moment of confrontation was during a commercial break during last night’s GOP presidential debate.  Ron Paul, the infamous Dr. No of the House, had been riding Texas Governor Rick Perry hard on key, hotpoint issues throughout the debate.  During the commercial break, Governor Perry decided to take the war of words to a war of aggression, as seen in the image.

    Analaysts who were present at the event say Governor Perry was blatantly intimidating Ron Paul.  Those with a more logical mind see that Perry is doing what needs to be done for America.

    Ron Paul is a dangerous man.  His sour words are anti-Democracy and capitalism.  His ideals will throw America into a massive Civil War of classes if they are enacted.  Ron Paul hates Civil Rights and believes the best place for African-Americans is slavery and that women should be treated like they are in the Arabias.

    Just like President Abraham Lincoln, Rick Perry is a man of principles.  Ron Paul has been a snarky liberal, just like the ever-annoying Bill Maher.  Last night, Ron Paul continually dogged Perry and claimed the governor was a supporter of “HillaryCare”, as if wanting to assure all American children have rights to good healthcare is a bad thing.  Ron Paul tried to convince Americans that Governor Perry was a horrible man for demanding a 12-year-old girl receive the HPV vaccine that would prevent her from potential life-ripping cancer in later life.

    While Paul continued to be snide and make all these statements, coupled with taunting Hurricane Katrina and Irene victims by saying their lives were not worth saving by the federal government, then saying that the US should do away with the minimum wage, Perry had enough.  He had to stand up for the impoverished masses, as etched into America by virtue of our Statue of Liberty.  America is a land where the weak can find shelter and can be protected if they become citizens.  America is a place of equality and happiness for all.

    The geriatric Ron Paul is filthy rich and does not care for the common American.  Governor Perry was standing in the face of a 1950s era bigot and did what we’ve all wanted to do:  grab them by the scruff and set them in their place.

    Pictures Show Perry Physically Intimidating Ron Paul perrypaul2.com
    The Moment Governor Perry Stood up for Democracy Governor Rick Perry kindly reminds Ron Paul that if he wants a libertarian European fiefdom, he can get the hell out of our country. America is a Republican nation with Christian values and principles.

    Directly before and during the debate, the ever lude Ron Paul ran an offensive campaign ad which insinuated that in 1988, then presidential candidate Al Gore and Rick Perry may have engaged in a homosexual relationship.   The images do show that Rick Perry is clearly intimidating Ron Paul, further proof that Paul is not fit to be US president.

    When President George W. Bush was confronted by the Iraqi Shoe Assassin, the President laughed in the assassin’s face and dodged the deathly projectiles.  When President Ronald Reagan was attacked by Hinkley, the president stood strong and returned to scaring the Soviets swith powerful speeches in only several weeks.

    But look at Ron Paul.  He cowers like a frightened dog who has just messed the carpet of his master.  He pulls his tail down and is ready to go belly-up in the face of Governor Perry’s powerful chest and broad shoulders, filling out his suit with a body of hard-earned muscles and masculine steak dinners.  Ron Paul has the gaunt build of a recluse vegetarian, showing a true like of spine that terrorists would exploit and eat-up in the global scene.

    America cannot afford a dementia riddled idealogue without a backbone in office.  Ron Paul is a scared little school boy trembling before the stable authority and presence of Governor Rick Perry.  Let these images be a lesson.  The Presidency is the Big Leagues.  You have to be able to stand up for yourself and last night, Governor Perry stood up to the word-bully Ron Paul for not only himself, but all good, common Americans.

    Governor Rick Perry has shown once again that he is the best candidate for US president.

    No word yet if Ron Paul soiled his Depends at time of report.

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