• Chaz Bono Thunders the Stage on Dancing With the Stars

    September 23, 2011 10:20 am 2 comments
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    Chastity Bono is just one of the guys. He’s shown us his hard-earned man body, likely pounding pint after pint of the heaven’s nectar known as Nattie Light, all between chortles of sloppily chewed pizza and grease minced slim jims. That is the way a true athlete and man train.

    All jokes aside, Chaz Bono is thought to be the first semi0-transgender contestant on hit ABC show Dancing with The Stars.  In a world where we were once able to chase Ellen DeGeneres off her syndicated sitcom for just confessing she was gay, we’ve seen a depressing trend in modern times of gays being able to be free and open on television.

    We now see we’re not even able to protect mainstream, family-oriented television from the agenda of the nuclear family’s greatest threat:  the gays.  Kids will see Chaz Bono and think it is normal for such a hybrid to exist.  Youngsters will be confused by this man with a woman’s face and a spray-on beard, hairline magically failing to recede as time passes by.  That’s right, Chaz still has a lesbian’s haircut because the wisdom recession can never take place atop the brain of a female and that’s what this all comes down to.

    If you were created XX, you’re a woman.  And that’s what we call science.  If the good Senator Bono were still around, he’d agree and this mess would not be happening.

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