• Cherokee Indians Say They Can Kick Blacks out of Tribe

    September 14, 2011 3:56 pm 77 comments
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  • Cherokee Indians want to kick blacks out of tribe, US government wants second-largest Indian tribe to recognize as citizens 2,800 descendants of slaves that were held by Cherokees.

    The nation’s second-largest tribe of Indians, the Cherokee, stated on Tuesday that it would not allow the US government to dictate over their decision to banish over 2,800 African-Americans from Cherokee citizenship.

    Standing tall and stoic, Cherokee Chief Joe Crittenden bellowed, “The Cherokee Nation will NOT be governed by the BIA!”

    Crittenden is serving as interim chief for the Cherokee, who plan to hold an election for a new permanent Chief on September 24th.  Word reached the US government that the Cherokee had schemed to remove black’s right to vote in the September election by banishing them from the tribe.  The 2,800 blacks are known as Freedmen and are mostly the descendents of former slaves of the tribe who were forced to bear Cherokee children.

    Many of these slaves were forced to move from the South when the Cherokee chose to move and settle down in their new home of Oklahoma.

    During the Civil War, the Cherokee fought for the South.  The Cherokee still hang confederate signs to this day and have resentment against blacks, who they were forced to free after Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to effect in the defeated Democrat-infested South.

    The African-American Cherokee lost their citizenship last month, when the Cherokee Supreme Court ruled that Cherokee Indians without African ancestry had the right to be racist bigots.  The blacks were immediately kicked out and the tribe apparently thought that this would be seen as fine in the eyes of America proper.

    But what these Cherokees must realize that this is our country.  It is an American nation ruled by the Constitution.  And if the Cherokees don’t like that, they can just get out of our country.  America is a land for all people.  The fact that the Cherokee are trying to kick out the blacks is racist.  Martin Luther King, Jr., would be ashamed to see the Indians acting like this.

    The US government has stated it will not recognize the new Tribal Chief if the Cherokee forfit the right of African-American Indians to vote in their upcoming election.  Futhermore, The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has threatened to hold a $33 million disbursment to the tribe over this Freedman controversy.

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