• Children’s Book About Dieting Causes Uproar

    September 8, 2011 2:50 am 16 comments
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  • Too many American children are fat because our nation is filled with more and more deadbeat mothers. Why did America not have the tragic incidence of obesity in the 1950s as compared to now?

    It is because during the 1950s, women knew their place. They understood the importance of the nuclear family and the role of a loving mother.

    Today’s women are loud-mouthed and opinionated. They like to be armchair captains of the household, usurping the strong and proud role that is supposed to be served by the husband.

    There was a point in time when a child feared a serving of cowpeas and liver, with a side of tomato soup. It was a wholesome meal prepared by a loving mother and they knew the wrath of father’s quick whip would descend upon the entire family should they refuse to eat the food bought by his hard earned daughter.

    The sharing of responsibility of a proper home is beautiful. The authortarian father ruling his wife and child, the children knowing the mother’s love for them and Dad the gentle glue that strongly binds the family together. All of this is lost on today’s society.

    There are crazy liberals out there who believe two men can raise a kid. There are drug-loving Democrats who stay sober enough to vote on legislation that would allow two mothers to dare think they can raise a proper child.

    And even beyond the new laws of perversion, a growing tradition of sad circumstance. Single mother hussies struggle to raise children in broken homes, their lack of womanhood failing to keep their husband or boyfriend entertained in long-term commitment. Why are marriages falling apart?

    It is because women are too conceited and pretentious this day and age. They are more worried about impressing their friends on their Facebook updates and seeing how low they can wear their blouses for hire at work. And in the midst of all this, our children are left to fend for themselves.

    Gourging themselves on Taco Bell and cheetos, shamefully throwing society into the pits of sloven recession. And they dare criticize this fine new children’s book that a brilliant author has written about why American children need to go on diets.

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