• Chinese Scientists Using Stem Cell Slushees to Cure Blindness

    September 24, 2011 8:39 pm 10 comments
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    China is a dread death nation full of monstrous dragon children who dream of the day they can bathe in the blood of American children.   In the majority of Chinese nursery rhymes, children are comforted by imagery and words that involve American destruction.

    When it comes to science and technology, the world generally understands that Asia is only second to America and our less important Euro allies.  But unlike America, the Asians (namely the Japanese, Chinese, Soviets and Indians) lack the moral compass to let them use their abilities for good.

    We saw the grave implication of Asian’s ability for science without morality during World War II, when the Chinese empire mercilessly ripped the lives of 3,000 children away from their mothers and fathers. Pearl Harbor is a horror that will resonate through the ages, and was only through the grace of God that the Japanese did not invade and take the life of every American with their kamikazoo machines of evil.

    America has only used technology for good and peace. While Hitler and the Soviets tried to mold master races of people through perverted genetics and atomic energy experiments, America sought to keep Europe safe and find a way to calm Japan with a warming blanket of peace and contemplation.

    And since World War II, where America was able to overcome the evil weapons of the Orient with policies of peace and gentle military encouragement, we have remained resolute in our moral duty.

    The latest scientific wonder is that of cloning and genetic engineering. Once mastered, the field of genetics could provide a nation with the blueprints for nearly infinite armies of superhuman strength and ability. The problem is that to clone and do genetic engineering, one must do what liberals and atheists love best: murder babies.

    Abortion is required to do stem-cell research and for this reason, President George W. Bush signed into law a statement for America, that we can not do totipotent stem cell research. But sadly, President Bush’s edict did not reach China and they have unleashed plans to cure all blindness in their country, at the expense of their female babies.

    American company Advanced Cell Technology has long held the ability to do many of these experiments, but due to morality we have withheld and sought another way.  The Chinese, however, have stolen the plans and now plan to breed also American fetuses and embryonic females to correct any blindness that may occur in their citizens and massive death army.  For these reasons we must remain wary of China and be able to crush them when they eventually declare war on our nation of peace.

    We must be able to give them a nuclear fury, much as we had to do when they attacked us on a day of infamy 70 years ago.  Their hearts still desire seared American flesh and they shall return to complete the mission they started.  And we can see they hold no regard for life and to that end, America has every right to finish them off for good.


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