• Deadmau5 To Produce Paris Hilton’s Dubstep Rave House DJ Album, Millions More Teenage Girls At Risk of Drug Addiction

    September 9, 2011 2:54 pm 20 comments
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  • Paris Hilton attending the Magic Hollywood Mint Billabong Hooka Rave in Santa Monica, California.  All 46,300 people were exposed to dangerous addictive hooka ethyrs and marijuana droplets, precipitating massive gyrating balls of flesh and illicit perversion that typifies these raver events.

    Horrible news for ears and parents worldwide, as a new electronic music star is being ‘born’.  Tremendously dangerous Satanic cult German dubstep pioneers ‘Deadmau5’ are producing a new music endeavor by professional party-girl and hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

    As reported by the Seattle Times Insider, Paris has been spending massive amounts of time in the studio with infamous electronic music DJs Afrojack and Deadmau5.  Both of these men have trained Paris in how to setup the music program Audacity and Interes Autotunes to blend her vocodered voice in club fashions, preparing it to be ‘dubbed’ with screeching midi noises from a keyboard.  After she perfects her obligatory line of party drugs and draws a regular crowd for her events, Paris will be a new house DJ and considered an industry ‘powerhouse’.  Potential stage names for herself were not available at time of report, though Paris is already billing herself as ‘The Queen of House Music’ and Whispering GhostMau5.

    Notorious party-girl Paris Hilton performs as Whispering GhostMau5 at the Magic Hooka Rave in Las Vegas. After this rave, seasoned electronic dubsteppers Deadmau5 and Afrojack have allegedly been in works to produce Hiltons first electronic dance music album.

    Hilton’s recent interest in eletronic dubstep purportedly occurred during the Billabong’s Magic Mint Hooka Carnival in Las Vegas after she first met and hooked up with Deadmau5, a heavy druidic goth styled dubstepper popular in the German underground scene.  Apparently after their meeting, Hilton convinced Deadmau5 to give her some stage time to perform an electronic music song for his fans.

    Fans of Deadmau5 are called Merry Mau5keteers and the crowd was not immediately receptive to Hilton taking the stage, sultrily moving her supple, taut body all about in unrepentant passion.  After Hilton began to whisper German words in a Satanic tone, the crowd immediately took notice and cheered.  The incidence of hand-touching and groping increased, as well as the flow of drugs and more ravers as friends texted outsiders with messages such as ‘OMG come quick, Paris Hilton is performing as Whispering GhostMau5’.

    Cheers from the crowd encouraged Hilton who enticed them with a cute set Mausket-ears on her head and a ever lowering bust line.

    The concern many people have is that unlike most ravers, Hilton is a household name that does not terrify parents at the onset.  Paris appears to be a good, healthy woman from a good family whose morality is consistently proven by the power of their finances.

    While Hilton has engaged in little spirital snafoos of errant judgment in the past, embracing the volatile world of electronic dance music will send a destructive world to her millions of innocent fans.  Paris Hilton represents a segment of society usually untouched by ravers:  the suburban.  The educated.  The good, wholesome children and college students of America.

    If Paris Hilton’s stage-persona of Whispering Ghostmau5 catches on, and young people see her sullying her body with drug-laced tatoo inks, engaging in public sodomy fests of countless Columbian imported drugs and diseased STD flesh and then topping it off with the worship of hell itself with heavy dubstep lyrics and mindbending electronic noise, it will corrupt the minds of millions.

    Children, especially collegiate female children, are impressionable.  Look at how many of them engage in video game violence.  Look at how many of them are watching dangerous shows like Jersey Shore and Glee and emulating the degenerate behavior of those sloven, sinful casts.

    Paris Hilton’s stated she expected to become the most prominent female in the electronic music scene because ‘”no woman has ever taken over in that arena'”.  With men like Afrojack and Deadmau5 behind her, it seems her words may be very true and the lives of millions will be under her new influence, a drug cult that goes by the name of Raver.

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